Monday, May 17, 2010

WE came to Winston Salem

WE are parked behind the church at Winston Salem. We were able to get a good bit of work done this afternoon. We arrived around noon. We had a great trip, short but enjoyable. WE will be here a few days.

Weather is strange. 2 days ago I was in swimming in an outdoor pool and it was refreshing. Now we are chilled and the air is very cool. Okay not to some but to me it is cool, 59 degrees.

Thanks for the condolences for Aunt Buna.

We just got the hint that our grandson Ben (IN Utah) may come out for his brother’s wedding. Josh just called and let us know, I sure hope he comes.
Working late here. Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
How do those dead bugs get into those enclosed light fixtures?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's been chilly and wet here all day in the 50's. Hope all goes well. Sure do hope your grandson makes it for the wedding!

betty said...

59 degrees in my book is COLD! I agree with you. Hope Ben can come out for the wedding, will that include bringing his little one?


Dar said...

Jack and are blessings to so many. I love that you are helping out at Winston Salem. You are such fine folks.
Now, about the weather, You know that anything over freezing, that's 32 degrees, is like a heatwave to us northerners. I have to admit tho, I can't handle the cold water anymore either. It has to be 'at least' 70 degrees air temp., for me to 'take the plunge'. Living Up North all my life, and those 'itis' brothers have taken a toll on my joints. Argh!
Have a simply Wondermous Day

BlueRidge Boomer said...

We've got SUN up here today....but...sadly i don't think it will last..!! Keep up the good works...


Helen said...

Watch out for the witches while you are in that area. If you see one run into the church LOL. You and Sherry are good people to help out like you do. May God bless both of you. Helen

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

were always sunny here and i enjoyed my off day last sunday co'z i went to the beach...hope your weather will treat you well....takecare you annd sherry.....been missing to come here if my connection doesn't work well.


shirl72 said...

Glad you made it to Winston Salem and could
park behind the Church. It is Chilly here.
Worked in the yard and in the Sun it was hot.
Hope Ben get to come to the Wedding. They will
have fun.


Jen said...

59 is cold! I hope your grandson makes it for the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Being from North of Germany, this sounds still warm to me. Living in Athens, with during mid May temperature already reaches mid 80's provides still a challenge, during the first two years, could harldy sleep during the summer nights.
Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday, sending you two hands full of Greek sun.

Lucy said...

Jack, please be careful jumping into such physical work. You are not 30 or 35. You can be in great shape you think, just as Joe did right up till he had heart failure and he was 65. Just please do not forget, pace yourself. I kind of learned the hard way, and thankfully I have a fairly healthy heart. Will see today if it is still beating right. I mean it Jack, since heart problems run in the family you are going to be especially vigilant aren't you???? I don't mean to sound like a mother hen but I would miss my friend if anything happens to you and besides Sherry needs you, Shirl, son, grandson and all of your followers..