Thursday, May 27, 2010

WElcome home Elmer

Today was Elmer's release date. He is out of jail. Well, he is home anyway. He has been in the hospital and Rehab for months now. He went in for a knee replacement, and it hasn't worked too well. Most knee replacements the patient is waling in less than a week.

Ann, Elmer's girl friend, decorated his house. How festive it looked. Ann is the little girl on the right, the other on the left is MY Sherry! Each balloon has a neat message of welcome on it.

Just as William and Brenda drove in with Elmer, these two fine looking guys stopped to say it was good to see Elmer home, Elmer is their Great uncle and OUR grand sons. Matt Dillon driving and Luke Vegas )LV) riding shot gun on their way home from school, they only live through the woods from here, These are Mark's sons.
Elmer has a little trouble getting around, but he will get there.

Ann has these balloons with notes to tell everyone ELMER IS HOME.

He releases them to tell the world he is home.

There they go to spread the word.

William, Elmer, Ann and Brenda. (William is married to Brenda, Elmer's daughter). Elmer has a Mark also, but he had Dr's appt and couldn't be here for the releasee's arrival.

Not only did Ann decorate the entrance to welcome Elmer, but baked a cake to top off the welcome. She is a super cook and I did not stay for the cake cutting, but I will return Elmer.

Little Ann and Elmer inside the house. I built this house, the decorations are mostly ANN!

Sherry left Elmers to go visit Martha, who is also home from the hospital. I walked out elmers back yard into the woods heading home.

This piece of woods belongs to Sherry and I, maybe a site for a retirement home? Sound like a good possibility.

I progressed onto Mark's property, That is our strorage trailer in the distance.

Walking by the old trailer, that has become a storage place for junk, broken lawnmowers and our resident black snakes. Who are not doing their job, I found a mouse in the trailer.

Walking out onto the gravel road you see our home parked behind Marks house.
Thanks for welcoming Elmer home.
NIte Shipslog
Man who eats prunes,
Gets run for his money.


~mel said...

You two are the sweetest neighbors!! It looks like the ramp is going to serve it's purpose well and what a nice surprise for Elmer ~ the balloons and ALL THE LOVE!!

man who eats prunes... gets run for his money HAHAHAHAHAHA!! good one!

Why did the banana go out with the prune?
Because he couldn't find a date.

Dar said...

So happy to hear that Elmer is HOME. He must feel wonderful to be back in his own chair and bed. What a 'release' of the balloons. Bless his heart. And yours,...nice ramp you built for him.
It's so nice you live right next door for while you are at your son's. I'm sure he loves your company.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Welc0me h0me elmer!y0u are great jack the h0use y0u built lo0ks awes0me. Y0u kn0w I love prunes but I have to admit its quite expensive lol!have a great weakend y0u all!

betty said...

glad Elmer was about to go home today! what a welcome home he had!! I am not sure if you and Sherry could settle to be in one place and build a home on that property, what do you think?


Helen said...

Looks like a happy reunion. Welcome home Elmer. Helen

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Welcome Home Elmer...!!
Save me a piece of

Enjoy the weekend.....LindaMay

Jen said...

Welcome home, Elmer. That looks like a beautiful spot for a retirement home.

He he he, I still remember what happens when you feed prunes to babies...

Fred Alton said...

What wonderful gestures of love you are showing for Elmer. I know he is happy to be home and happy to have you two and your family as neighbors. That site looks great for a retirement home!

Anonymous said...


shirl72 said...

What a wonderful welcome home party. Glad to
see everybody. This family knows how to do
things in a big way. You never miss an opportunity to surprise people. Love the Pictures.


Ally Lifewithally said...

Welcome Home Elmer ~ what a lovely party they prepared for you ~ Ally x

Paula said...

Welcome home Elmer. Anyone who is a friend of Jack and Sherry is a friend of mine. I knew you had to have someplace to keep your "stuff". Looks like a delightful spot for a retirement home.

Anonymous said...

You surely are a reason why this world keeps on turning. Impressed. Getting wordless. Wishing you all a wonderful start into the weekend.