Sunday, May 23, 2010

MOre of the same, I guess!

Much has been said about the serenity prayer, comments were great, thanks. Also there was a first on yesterdays blog, ‘cyclemama’ made a comment. She mentioned great grand children. Even though she is on the other side (LOL) of the known world, She, and we share some grand children and great grand children. And they are a blessing.

This blog like most have more readers than commenters. I appreciate everyone who takes their time to read, and when possible to comment. I have many folk say they read the blog. Even Evelyn, she must have been busy lately because she hasn’t e-mailed me and asked where it the blog entry, no excuses!

(Twould be good to be this satisfied all the time, our oldest getting his bath in our trailer sink)

As many know I have an internet friend, lindie. I had a journal for a long time with no comments. The only comment I did have, was made by, ‘Bigger ears’. Later I was to learn it was actually our older son. Anyway one night out of the blue I had this wonderful comment, signed ‘lindie’. I was remembering our trip to Cape Cod. I mentioned we had an over look of Buzzard’s Bay.

I don’t remember the entire comment but it referred to when she lived in the area toward which I had been looking. When she lived there she was a young military wife, and mentioned pushing the stroller with the laundry on the arms of the stroller behind the baby, as they went to the launder mat. She continued, ‘we were so poor then.’ That itself, brought back so many memories, military folk at one time used the laundry mat regularly.

Anyway that established a connection that has continued. She pops in every once in awhile and spreads a little joy, if you read this one lindie, thanks for being around.

Back to the serenity prayer. It is one of those things that is good for everyone, a believer or not.
If one is not a believer, you cannot beat the philosophy, if you studied for years. IT has a depth of knowledge rarely found in four lines.
They can be (and are) expounded on in hundreds of pages of books, but it still boils down to those four simple, but powerful lines.

Simple, oh yes simple, but oh so hard to put into practice. Sometimes it seems that everyone must be burned, before they believe. A cat will sit or climb on a hot stove once. There after they well never, ever do it again. As a matter of fact, you will never see them on a cold stove again. LOL

Thanks to everyone who reads regularly, I do appreciate you taking your time here.
Nite Shipslog
I like the words of wisdom from Frances, “HE is!”, speaking in answer to Fred’s quick prayer, “Lord Help me !”

'The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' -Ronald Reagan


Glenda said...

Hello Jack,
Loved the "Serenity" entry, both of them actually! Reminded me that it's on my home PC in a folder labeled "Daily Reading" and it is a wonderful source of inspiration.
Thanks for the mini-sermon LOL.

Helen said...

Just wanted you to know that my daughter cross stitched that prayer probably 25 or more years ago. It hangs in my living room right now. I was trying to make up my mind where to marry Ken or not since my first marriage was not a good one. I looked up and read that prayer and made my mind up right then. We will soon be married 20 wonderful years. I have never regretted it. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a good prayer for sure. One that I should pray more often. I hope your Sunday is a wonderful one.

Anonymous said...


betty said...

it is always funny to me to run across a blog that has over 500 followers listed and their entries have 15 comments, makes you wonder what is going on with that, LOL. I like to leave a comment when I can when I read a blog, sometimes it is hard to come up with something to say without just saying "have a nice day" which I think people then actually wonder if you actually read their entry. there is indeed power behind the serenity prayer; also in the Lord's prayer. For such a short one, lots of prayer requests all wrapped into one with it. Important thing is to pray and to try to live as He would want us to live :)


shirl72 said...

My prayer is Lord when my soul takes flight, may it rise swiftly to live forever in your love and care.


Fred Alton said...

It's encouraging to me to read that you wrote for awhile with few commentators giving you any feed-back. And I have you to thank for a couple of comments on my blogs recently - namely Jen and Dar. When I started this blog I was thinking of leaving something behind when I'm no longer able to think or write clearly that MAY be read by my children and grands and great-grands. One of mine is more responsive than the rest. She calls herself the "Fav-rite One" or to her neices and nephews she is "Fav-rite Aunt Ruthie".

Betty mentioned the "Lord's Prayer" which is also one of my favorite prayers. It's really quite a demanding prayer for us when it comes to the subject of forgiveness. Whew!

I love reading all of your blogs. You are a good writer. I am now into S' started while Frances was at the Dentist's last week.

Dar said...

Lookie here, a grandparent speaking proudly of his grandloves. Thanks for the visit...glad I gave you a chuckle this morning. Now I have to get back to the reality of WORK...lots and lots of yard work and gardening to do this week.

The Serenity Prayer is amongst my favs too. It is, like you say, hard to live up to sometimes. I did the same as you this week, cried like a baby over not being able to do a thing for my son right now...he wears a cross around his neck that he NEVER takes off. I have been seeing him grasp it quite often lately, so I know he will work it out cause his Lord IS with him. He too, is reminded of the Serenity Prayer.

I love this who has a heart of gold. BlessYourWeek