Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moving day.

Our next door neighbors, Don & Evelyn. We are neighbors several times a year. They live on a farm in GAston County and do a lot of RV'ing, so we see them often. Sherry and Evelyn graduated in the same class, Class of 86 ( I think LOL).

WE moved on Sunday (after church) this time. Our Friends Don and Evelyn have loaded their coach and headed to the mountains also. To be honest they thought of it, and invited us along. Their Grand daughter is graduating at Boone, NC with her Master’s Degree. They are so proud of her.

We love the drive up through Lincolnton, NC. I always get nostalgic when we pass Lincolnton. The community of High Shoals is near there. Dad’s ony rural pastorate was there. On Sunday evening or Saturday (I don’t remember which.) we would go to town. I looked forward to the jewelry store windows. They always had an attraction (other than jewelry). Sometimes they had an electric train running, a little Merry- Go-round or a jewel box with a little twirling ballerina. I was four or five at the time, I know they lit up my eyes.

High Shoals is where I nearly burned the community down with a broom straw field fire. I was smoking rabbit tobacco and set a fire that burned several acres of broom straw (no trees or houses). Of course I denied any responsibility. It didn’t do much good though! I forced the rod of correction.

WE drove by Startown where I burned out a transmission towing a travel trailer. And go close to Valdese, NC where I spent the 7th & 8th grades and Shirl graduated from High School. WE go through Granite Falls where a friend of dad’s took me fishing once, I caught nothing, Walt Moody always caught something.

We crossed the Catawba river, near where I got the worst sunburn of my life while saving a capsized fishing boat.

This area I am familiar with. Lenoir is where I met Vep Ellis. A preacher, musician, song writer and singer. He was an example to many young people. I thought of him again when I received an e-mail from Fred, mentioning in the e-mail that Vep had taught him music when he was 10 or 12. I don’t think there was an instrument he could not play.

We turned off the main roads and headed into the mountains, our destination and home for a week is called Green Mountain. WE have a wonderful friend from child hood, who lives here, Mary Ann. Love that lady, and are looking forward to seeing her.

This is our front yard. At the base of a mountain. It goes straight up from here.

Sherry in the motor home, with Don & Evelyn sitting out by their motor home.

It is great to be in the North Carolina Mountains. Nothing is finer than to be in Carolina, in the morning! Noting could be sweeter than my sweetee when I……………………………….

Sorry,Gotta go, I just thought of something!

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More from Andy Rooney on women over 50:

Women over 50 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it.


Helen said...

Sounds like the town you went through has a lot of memories. I tried smoking the rabbit tobacco once hee hee. Guess it broke me because I have never smoked. Enjoy the week with your friends. Helen

Paula said...

Jack! You didn't? I don't even know what that rabbit "stuff" is. Congrats to Don and Evelyn's granddaughter. My oldest will be recieving her master's this month from UT Austin.

betty said...

lots of memories in your trip to the mountain; enjoy your week there!


Sheila Y said...

Enjoy your 'vacation' to the mountains. I'm sure MJ will miss you while you are gone. So you set the woods on fire ( isn't that a Hank Williams song), well maybe not the woods exactly. Rabbit tobacco, don't know what that is either. Have a great time on your trip, Sheila

shirl72 said...

Looks like a cool spot. I hope you can keep
Don straight he is such a roudy person. High
Shoals is where I volunteered the Church Bus to take the class on a field trip. Dad didn't know it until the teacher told him. That is where
you rode a pony and I jumped out of the barn
on the cow patties. They were solid and didn't smell. What fun.


Dar said...

What a pocket full of memories the mountains of the Carolinas hold for you and Sherry. Hang on tight to one can ever take them away. Have a FABULOUS vacation making more memories.
3 cheers from WI

Fred Alton said...

Yes, Jack, keep making the memories! Or is that reminding us of our memories? Rabbit tobacco is great if properly crushed and wrapped in a proper "smoking paper". You can always borrow a smoking paper from your stash of Prince Albert. It's when you try to use a brown paper bag for you smoking paper that the fires get started. Know what's worse? Try smoking coffee grounds! Or dried corn silk. Or, if you want your mouth to feel the results for a week - try smoking a grape-vine! These memories make me laugh.

Anonymous said...


Jen said...

Seeing you fron yard is making me wish I could start my trip today.

Anonymous said...

Have to admit that coming to your site feels always like reaching a peaceful oasis, probably due to such an impressive front yard.
Please have you two a nice Tuesday.