Friday, May 14, 2010

You get dirty chasing Rabbits!

Our usual habit on Friday afternoon is to meet Sherry’s Bro and his crowd at Jackson’s cafeteria. So I finished the work on the bush hog parked the tractor, showered and put on clean jeans. We headed out. I had chicken dumplings for the first time in awhile, Sherry just got veggies.
WE came headed home and Sherry wanted to stop by Elmer’s house to meet with Brenda (Elmers daughter). Brenda wanted to give us a check for the materials. Sherry wanted to talk so I walked thru the woods. I decided to try the bush hog and tractor out.
Note: I saw Smoky, Shirl’s friend and buddy at Hardees this morning. I mentioned I needed to get back to the farm and finish the bush hog repairs. Smoke said last year at the family reunion in the mts at the old home place, he suggested getting a bush hog and leaving it up there. He said his brother said ,”Smoke, you know we can’t do that, ain’t nobody here in the winter to feed a hog.”

To continue. As I drove around I spotted a big black snake chasing a baby rabbit. The other baby had ran the other way. I cut the snake off and he ran under an equipment trailer. I jumped off the tractor and caught the little guy. Now what to do. I cannot sent him home, me snake would love that. I don’t want to kill the black snake, he is one of the good guys (except when he is stealing some mothers bunnies). I carried her to the edge of the field and released her. Telling her to call her mammy. I did not take a picture. I finished the bush hogging and came to the motor home.

Grabbed the camera and headed to the trailer to get a pic of mr. Black snake. What are the odds of finding the other little bunny in five acres of cleared field. I found him. And took him to where I had released his sister. I told him to call his sister and his mammy. I hope they all reunite and Mr snake finds a rat.
Yeah, I got my clean jeans dirty. But I did clean the spots some before Sherry saw them. She is always saying, I forget to change clothes before work. I keep telling her all men’s clothes are work clothes.
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How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?
Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?
Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him?


Anonymous said...


shirl72 said...

Don't like snakes don't care what color. How are the bunnies going to call their mother they didn't have a cell phone. If the mother bunny was not watching her children, you need to report her to Child Protective Service. Glad you pointed them in the right direction. Hope they are safe and the mother returns from shopping.



Paula said...

Yeah and how did you know it was a little sister because it is soooo cute?

Sheila Y said...

I'm with Shirl, I don't like any snake no matter the color. We've been seeing quite a few bunnies in our neighborhood lately. You, Sherry and Shirl have a nice weekend, Sheila

Helen said...

Glad that you saved the bunnies from that bad snake. No I don't like snakes. You two have a nice weekend and save every bunny you can. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Everything in nature has its purpose they say and you did the best you could to put it all in order there. Saved the rabbit and let the snake go his way. It all has it's balance. I hope you and Sherry have a great Saturday!

Jen said...

If the snakes didn't control the rabbit population that would be bad, too. They would turn your state into a desert. I would've done the same thing, though. Such a cute bunny...

Fred Alton said...

It was the right thing to do, Jack. Even with your clean jeans on. Glad you put the rabbit a safe distance away from mr. snake. Now if the rabbit was just a little older, maybe you could have put it inot a pot of stew. I remember (long ago) seeing a rabbit cross the road while I was going to visit with a member - dressed in my only suit - shotgun in the back seat. I jumped out, grabbed the gun, jumped the three strands of barbed wire fence and tore a hole in the pants. No, I didn't get to shoot the rabbit. I was too distressed over what I would wear to church on Sunday. Frances sewed it up - piece of cake!