Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last of an Era, Buna Moody

Funny how children think. I never knew my grandfathers, I knew both grandmothers but they both passed before I was six. I remember my great grandpa, he outlived the grandparents. He was a judge and a farmer in rural Georgia. I mean he was old. As a child I remember thinking he must be a hundred. In reality he probably did not live past 80, if that.

Moody Family picture in the Early 1940's my buddy Billy in Buna's arms. Two more girls were added later.

Most folks, I presume, have family friends. Where the entire family is so close they are nearly kin. Well today we buried the oldest person I have ever personally known. Aunt Buna Moody. She and her husband Walter were lifelong friends of our family. Their friendship began around 1930. Buna was a youngster, being born in 1910. Mom & Dad were born in 1903/1905.
Here is Buna Moody in the 1940's.
If Buna had lived until November 10th She would have been 100 years old. She was still of sound mind, her body just gave out.
There is something sad about losing the last of a generation. Shirl, Sherry and I are still close friends with Billy, the youngest son. Shirl and I got to reconnect with the four sisters who have scattered.
Bill and his wife Peggy are just super folk. Bill is an artist with carpet, which he used to do on the side. He was my ‘carpet man’. There were times when I would call their house and Peg would answer.
“Is Bill at home?” I asked innocently EVERY TIME!
“No, come on over!” she would whisper. Then we both would burst out laughing! I must have fell for that fifty times.
Bill invited us up to their house to visit, we have just got to go, the company and conversation is always great. I hope we make time to go see them.
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Paula said...

We had a friend who lived until just over 100. Her mind was good and she lived alone and drove to church and the store to about 99. Clara was really special. Nice enty.

betty said...

so sorry for the loss of Buna; I think it is hard to see the generation ahead of us pass on; makes us feel old. I think it was neat that she was still very sharp with her mind at her age; I'm sure she will be missed!


Sheila Y said...

Sorry for the loss to Buna's family. But a blessing to live as long as she did with sound mind. Would have loved to hear the stories she could tell. Prayers for the family. Have a great week Jack and Sherry, Sheila

Helen said...

My condolences to the family of Buna.
That PS you added is so true. Helen

Dar said...

Our blessed thoughts of you and Sherry as you miss and remember your Buna. Aging with a sound mind is wonderful. My grandmother did the same until she was one month shy of 102. She was still sharp as a tack. She also never, ever saw a doctor until she was 92. Can you imagine? What a tower of strength. She walked every day and gardened, loved history and knew it all, was always there for us. She even took a ride on my brothers motorcycle in her 90's. Thanks for sharing your personal loss and allowing me more memories of my Grams.
Peace Be With You and Another Memorable Week

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have an aunt that is 90 and that is the oldest in my family. Sadly I haven't seen her for a couple of years now but keep in touch with her daughter who says she is still active and living on her own. My sympathies to you on your loss. I know it is hard saying good bye to the older generation.

Jen said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. She sounds like an amazing person.

shirl72 said...

This is a nice Tribute to Buna. Our families
did have a lot of good times. We must get
together. Bill said the Studebaker he bought from me is looking beautiful. Jo Ann was my
best friend growing up. Can't believe age is
catching up with us. Let's go soon!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You surely are a great writer and life can be glad to be discussed by you.

Please have you all a nice Tuesday. My condolences as well.

Fred Alton said...

Aren't old friends great! I asked Mom the question this morning, "Is there one family that stands out in our lives with whom we have always been friends?" Well...she began to name several who have been special to us; practically one family from every church Dad pastored. One of Mom and Dad's friends from Florida was Y.W. Kidd. We keep up with their daughter Jonnie Kidd Whittington on facebook. Friends are wonderful when they last that long! Thanks for stirring up my memories.

Anonymous said...