Saturday, May 29, 2010

Starting the Memorial day weekend

This is Memorial Day weekend. We honor those who served and paid the ultimate price to defend our country or on orders from this country. I have all the admiration in the world for men & women who have served this country and died in support of this country.
In my life time there have been several wars. As far as I know, with the numbers who served, no member of my family has died in combat. Many have served and I am so proud of them. Sonny, my Brother in law, lost a brother to a submarine attack in the Pacific. But my family, and Sherry’s, has been spared.
Brittany, France

Flanders Field, Belgium
I see pictures of all the graves overseas where our troops have died and are buried on foreign soil, to protect us and other countries, and many times, I tear-up. These men did not want to die, but they went in response to their country.

Belgium, also.
So this Holiday is to remember them, it is the least we can do. I see many folks who fuss about the country of France. But as far as I know, the French are the only ones who made a difference in our Revolutionary War. Of course not as many French are buried here, as Americans are buried there, but they did send troops to our assistance, and some died.

Our own, Arlington

It is like the Alamo, many men died at the Alamo, and not all were Texans, but they died none the less, in respect and response to a just cause.
If you have lost family or friends in defense of our country, I hope God can comfort you, knowing that Freedom is important to us, and Freedom is not FREE.
I salute those who have paid the ultimate price in the past, and continue to do so as I type. Fair winds and following seas to my fellows, God be with your efforts and reward them.
NIte Shipslog
All military personnel sign the following statement, or one similar:
“I am an American fighting man, I serve in the forces that GUARD OUR COUNTRY and our way of life, I AM PREPARED TO GIVE MY LIFE IN THEIR DEFENSE.”

Signed…… John/Mary Doe (soldier, sailor, coastie or marine.)


Jimmy's Journal said...

Great Post, Jack. I'm proud of our troops, past and present, for their service to America!


Anonymous said...


Fred Alton said...

Thank God for all those who were loyal citizens of the United States of America when freedom threatened or "Uncle Sam" called. I also signed that statement and it was an emotional moment for me. I felt a great sense of accomplishment for serving my country in the United States Coast Guard. Semper Paratus!

betty said...

always need to be thankful of all of our military who faithfully serve (and their families who support them in their service) and especially thankful for those who died in the service to our country


Y said...

Thank you for reminding us of the true meaning of this "holiday."

Glenda said...

Adding my grateful "thank" you to all who have served --- including you, Jack Darnell and Sherry who was your number ONE support person; my Dad the WWII paratrouper, my brother Harry and a whole bunch of friends who gave, two of whom gave "all" in Vietnam. They are remembered on this commemorative day. Great post!

shirl72 said...

Thank you Brother for your service to our Country. You are a true American. Thanks for Sherry's support. I am proud of all our Boys that serve our Country. GOD BLESS YOU and GOD BLESS AMERICA. I am proud to BE AN AMERICAN.


Anonymous said...

A great Memorial Day for you all and a nice start into a hopefully peacefilled week.

Dar said...

My thanks to you Jack, for such a fine, Fine, tribute to our troops, old and young, here and there, and our future young men and women who will serve. It is truely a humbling weekend if we sit back and remember the True Meaning of tomorrow and the entire weekend we take to celebrate, whether with family and laughter, or our lost heros and tears. Thank YOU for being the Servant you have been. My family too, have all returned unharmed, but many have passed. We remember and thank them as we do those still at our table and abroad. God Bless America
God Bless You and Sherry, your life partner