Friday, May 21, 2010

T-T-T-T.... Meaning..

To Tired To Type, hahahahahahahahahaha!
This has been a fun filled week. We done a lot of small jobs needing to be done. If you are like me I leave things undone, gonna do them later. Most everyone does. Finally the list gets so long that it is too tiresome to tackle. Churches are a lot like that. Generally at a church there are one or two guys or gals who volunteer to take up the slack. Sometimes it over whelms the local volunteer. That is where we come in sometime. We know it is a blessing and takes the load off a pastor and his wife or someone who is presently overloaded at work or home.

This time it was especially nice the church had hook ups for the RV and we were right there at the jobsite. I could work as early or as late as I liked.
There was one near tragedy. I had cut into a wall to get to an outside faucet that had frozen during that rough winter last year. It was a tight place and the waterlines were copper. I can do copper but since the Gov’t has outlawed lead in solder; I have a rough time making a solder joint.

Anyway in the process I set the insulation on fire. Remember, the water is cut off at the road for the ‘fix’, the only water I could think of was in the motor home. I ran grabbed a spray bottle, yelled to Sherry that I might need her (To call 911 (but I did not say that)). I had reached as high as I could and pulled the burning insulation out, it melted on my hand, but that wasn’t a concern at the time. I grabbed my saw and began cutting away sheetrock. I got to the fire and put it out. But it was a fright for a few frantic moments.

All the time my mind chiding me, remember all the times you were a fire watch for a welding crew aboard ship in the Navy? This is why they require a fire bottle near every open flame, REMEMBER, STUPID?

All is well that ends well. I patched the bathroom wall with tile board. I installed an inside cutoff valve so in future winters this will not happen. Inside the wall I found three more pipes that had been replaced previously. Anyway other than hiring a street person named Ron, that was our most excitement.

Pastor Mark and wife Ruth are top of the line folk. They both work full time but they took us out to eat one evening. It was a Joy to meet them.

I’m outta here, thanks for coming by. I lied, evidently I was not: TTTT.
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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Is being TTTT.....being to tired to think or to tired to type.....??

Campgrounds were full by mid-afternoon....gonna be a crazy summer!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you are giving yourself a little vacation after all that. Thank the good Lord, you were ok and so was the church after your little mishap. Take care and get some much needed rest too.

betty said...

I still think it is awesome the work you and Sherry do to help others!! but make sure you are also taking care of yourself!


~mel said...

Okay... let's get this straight ~ you're there to fix a pipe and you set the church on fire... AND they still took you out to eat! You really are a jack of all trades. How you fanaggled a meal out of the deal is amazing! lol
It's wonderful how you and Sherry are there with helping hands for those who already have their hands full. Like my Daddy would say, "you're good people". Have a wonderful weekend ... and Jack ~ stay away from flammables.

Y said...

My husband had the same kind of fire event caused by welding a leaking pipe at our home in New Orleans. How ironic, a water leak starting a fire.

shirl72 said...

Maybe you set the congretation on fire for the
Lord. Glad you got it put out and didn't have
to build a new Church. Now is the time to
relax and take a break. It brings back memories
how our Dad always worked to rebuild Churches.
I can see him now doing concrete work at HS.
I thought I could help, so much for my volunteer
work. Concrete work hard.


Fred Alton said...

Man! So dangerous. I'm so glad you did get the fire out but that was a close call. As they say - too close for comfort. We all think you and Sherry are incredible the way you help people.

Anonymous said...

wow - that made me wake up again at nearly three in the morning. glad you are fine. please have a peacefull and calm sunday.

Lucy said...

How is the hand that had the melted insulation> That just melts into your skin.?? I know it had to have burned. Now if that had happened to me it might have scared my heart back into Sync. Would be cheaper.