Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Absent Minded, ME?

So I am getting old I am told. Heck I can look at my driver’s license and tell that. But no one prepared me for my absentmindedness. I have pulled some corkers in my life. Putting things where I know I will not lose them, then forgetting where that is.


What is the big deal? Well I have written six books. They are due to go on Amazon as e-books for the Kindle. One is now there, but here it becomes a ‘sticky wicket’ as a friend once said. I cannot find the manuscripts for most of the books. They have to be here in this Motor home somewhere, BUT WHERE? I have looked everywhere, evidently not, because I would have found them.


Now if it was paper manuscripts it would be no problem, these are on disks. Hey not necessarily, they could be on a little speed drive. Let me see. Hey I found two of them, this is three altogether that I have. Now I am missing three more. Where are you hiding? They are in the hundreds of disks I have, but where.

I can recoup because I have the next to the last cut of all of them. It just doesn’t make sense that I have not filed them. (Well I have filed them, I just don’t know where!!!)LOL

Hey I loved the response to toys. Fred will have to explain the houey stick. He did show me one while we were at their house last summer. Every kid will remember things from their youth. Even today’s kids. I have no idea what they will remember, but they will.

Oh man, Glenda, down in Okee, sent us the song by the ‘Oak ridge Boys’ called ‘GI Joe and Lillie’. I could not understand the lyrics but Sherry was crying before it was over and could not tell me without crying what the song was about. I haven’t been able to fine the lyrics yet, but I will. I thought of her dad & Mom.



That is the thread, if you want to see it. Just scroll down and start the video. Tell me if you cry.


Oh, someone mentioned the outside games, kick the can, hide and seek, Red Rover, Mama May I? and jump rope.


The girls were always better at this. Even the two ropes and ‘red hot’, was real fast I think? Oh yes, hop-scotch.

Nite Shipslog


Things said when this car was new:

1955 Pontiac starchief

(1955 Pontiac, I thought this was a beautiful car.)

'It won't be long before young couples are going to
have to hire someone To watch their kids so they can both work.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can relate to treasures hidden in safe places. I've spent hours upon hours in the research department. I often skip over the most obvious places only to return to them and sure enough there is what I was missing. I'm hoping that you find your books. I will be looking forward to putting at least one of your books on my Kindle. I haven't used it much yet.

Anonymous said...

I wish to be absent minded many a times. Thank you for bleaching me mind a bit. Late.

Much success for finding the books. A good Wednesday for you all.

shirl72 said...

What a surprise you heard the old saying that we believe in the "HEAR AFTER" go to a different room and wonder what are we "HEAR AFTER". I find things everyday I didn't remember having. I guess we will just have to face that we are
coming of age "NOT EASY".


Paula said...

Surprised you can lose things in a motor home too. I sure can lose things now days and it frustrates me to no end.

Sheila Y said...

Not to worry, we all suffer from that particular affliction at times...oh yes, forgot about red rover, and Mother may I...one, two, three red light.. Take care, Sheila

Bookncoffee said...

Well, George left his underwear sitting on the kitchen counter this morning. I'm sure they were NOT a fresh pair. He probably put them there on the way to the dirty clothes when he realized he left a dish cooking all night in the oven (on 250 degrees) to just heat for a midnight snack. So...maybe you should not be too worried. lol

Dar said...

I Hate when that happens. I loose recipes, snapshots, notes, even grocery lists. I usually just leave the grocery list at home. Not to worry Jack. At least you haven't miss-placed your Sherry. Bill couldn't find his glasses once, while making a hunting drive. He was sure he lost them while walking and was ready to start to back-track, when one of the guys said, "What about the pair on the top of your head?" There they were.
Hang in there Bud, you'll find your manuscripts.