Thursday, February 3, 2011


I wonder why I can’t fix my children’s personal problems.

I wonder if I just left them alone would they have been better off.

I wonder sometimes in large families, if the kids are not better off because mama & Daddy can’t take time to fix everyone’s boo boo’s, so the kids work it out among themselves.

I wonder why I was born into a preacher’s family, when I would have fit just as well in Warren Buffet’s family!

I wonder why I didn’t buy that land at $50 an acre that is now selling for $30,000 an acre.

I wonder why I didn’t learn Spanish while I was in Cuba.

I wonder sometimes how it feels to live in a ghetto.

I wonder sometimes how folks made it thru a concentration camp and the Holocaust.

I wonder how a man made it thru a POW camp in Germany, Japan and Viet Nam.

I wonder what it is like to be a prisoner of terrorists now without prisons, where do they keep these guys?

I have wondered what it is like to be blind.

I never wondered (and I should have) but I am learning to be deaf.

I even wonder why I wonder so much.

I also wonder where my manuscripts are.

I wonder how I got this danged old without realizing it!

I just cannot quit wondering, it is a plague, a disease. It is something that keeps me awake at times.

At times I wonder what daddy would think about today, shoot, I wonder what Davy Crockett would think if he walked out of the woods today.


I wonder how long I will be remembered when I am gone, not that it makes any difference.

I guess I am born to wonder.

I asked my dear wife what she wonders about, she comes back with:


And now I wonder ‘Who wrote the book of LOVE!’

I’ll close on that. Now you can wonder what else there is to wonder about. So do you wonder at all?

Thanks for reading this ranting,

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1955 Corvette the dream American car!!!!


Something heard when this car was new.

'Thank goodness I won't live to see the day when the
Government takes half our income in taxes.
I sometimes wonder if we are electing the best
people to congress.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I thought they already got 50% one way or the other...It's better off not to think about those things at all. I try to avoid thinking a whole lot and it saves a lot of aggravation. I know we are to keep our minds active but there must be something better. I count my blessings and then count them again. We have Sunshine today and it's up to 25 degrees too! Now that is something to celebrate!

Dar said...

MA is a very wise woman. She has the right idea...avoid thinking a whole lot and it saves a lot of aggravation. I do wonder tho...
about, am I going to have the answers to all the kids questions?
I wonder how God made the world so wonderful, yet so complicated?
I wonder why the sky isn't always blue, and what is blue anyway.
I wonder what's for supper.
I wonder how my brother handled Vietnam...he won't talk about it to this day.
I wonder how far Mel and Slim have driven today.
Answer: Mom just got a call and they are over halfway to Colleens, by Emporia, KS.
Enough wondering...I wonder how come my feet have no feeling. I wonder where the pinch is again...cause it's all to do with my back, so the doc tells me...I wonder if he's sure.
BlessYourWonderingHearts...keeps me awake too sometimes...your kids will be fine Jack...there comes a time we can no longer help them and they must find their own way. God will be there.

Jean said...

Hi Jack, I do worry about my children all the time if I don't hear from them. We have two who lives near by, but we don't hear from them all that much. I don't think I'm gone wonder why, lol. Take care, I hope the weather is nice down your way it's cold and cloudy here.

shirl72 said...

I wonder what I could have been had I applied
myself. I was just happy to make a passing
grade. Music teacher told Mother I was playing the same songs and not practicing the new ones.
I didn't make it as a concert pianist. Did not
practice. I ended up being a Secretary which was not bad. Can't cry now I am happy just to enjoy each day.
I do wonder how I got this age so fast.

Anonymous said...

Isn't life great ! And yes, such thoughts keep me awake as well. And no, kids won't be better off alone. Said by a son. close to four in the morning. Please have you all a good Friday.

Sheila Y said...

It would be nice sometimes if we could shut off the wondering and worrying. Have a great weekend, Sheila

B. Knox said...

I wonder why they put food coloring in dog food.

Y said...

You may get old, but you'll never be a bore as long as you wonder.

People love nothing better than to teach others what they know. Just make sure you let people know that you read lips before you ask your questions. People feel so honored when you look them in the face while they speak.

A wandering life and a wondering mind...what better way to grow old with the woman you love?

Fred Alton said...

Have you heard it? "I wonder. I wonder what you wonder. I wonder if you wonder what I wonder. I wonder if you wonder what I wonder that you wonder. infinitum!" Wondering must be a part of everyone's life - but then we must move on lest wonder become worry. I refuse to worry. I believe. That's why when I come to the part of the Lord's Prayer that says, "...Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven..." I take solace there. I believe that God's will will be done if I allow Him to work it out. He knows best, so I leave it with Him each day.

I do stand in awe and wonder how He did it though! ☻

Helen said...

Lets just stop wondering and especially worrying. If only we could. I like the last part of what Mr Fred says.