Sunday, February 6, 2011

IRS Forms are so simple! (NOT)

The government does not specifically require us to hire paid tax preparers or buy commercial software, of course. But it has, in effect, left millions of taxpayers with no real choice. Congress has created a tax code that makes it nearly impossible for many Americans to file returns without paid help. And even those who could (most non-itemizers for instance) are so intimidated by the whole process that they pay people to help them anyway.

The above from the Christian Science Monitor. The article goes on to say only 11% of people in 2009 filed their own taxes.

There was a time that most Americans filled out their income tax. It was simple and quick. BUT NOW????

I remember one that was simple and quick, it was on a card like an IBM card, few questions and send it in.


Fred says he saw a simple FORM WITH One question:



2. SEND IT IN!!!!


I remember seeing a congressman interviewed once about the complexity of the IRS filing system. Someone asked him if he filled out his own, “No way, I can’t understand them myself!” And he is one of the ones who approves this mess? YEP!

It looks like that would be a good campaign promise to use, fix IRS, that one, we can hang our hats on.

What? They do promise that! … Oh yeah, I forgot (again).

We are not fed up enough, and I am glad. I hope someone will read the writing on the walls, see the strikes in Athens, the riots and protests in Tunisia,Yemen, Jordon,Romania and Egypt, and get their heads out of the sand and realize that could happen in the USA in 10-15 years if President and Congress don’t understand and get something REAL going, instead of promises and platitudes.

I remember folks got real mad at President Bush!


We have a real problem in the USA, unemployment here being 9% is bad enough. I just cannot see the jobs coming back to the USA anytime soon, and every year we graduate more HS & College seniors into the job market, with dreams and goals. Those dreams require JOBS!

I took this picture on our way to call for our mail:


This guy is mad enough to ruin a good paint job.


(Some folk get mad enough to try to say something.)

Thanks for reading this stuff.

(Now I am of the opinion that our problems rest on the shoulders of both Democrats and Republicans, I have included negative comments about both, so don't jump in my case, UNLESS YOU WANT TO, I DON'T CARE! This is still a free country, Right?)

(Drill here Drill now and vote anybody out that has been in D.C. over eight years, That is my political stand!!!)

Nite Shipslog


What was your most favorite car of all time? Year and color?


Of course mine was my first car the 1948 Chevy Convertible. I bought a split manifold from Bobby Ferguson, man did it sound good for a few days before the law in the form of ‘patrolman Burris’ shut me down!

1904 Studebaker

You have to admit this 1904 Studebaker is a beauty!


Bookncoffee said...

I was thinking the same thoughts today about the unrest. People now are "usually" unhappy and mad in a civil way, but how long will that last. And I'm glad George is filing the taxes. He has filed himself ALWAYS. He loves figures and so he seems to enjoy the challenge. However, it sounds worse this year. He does not want to file on line but is going to for the first time ever. However, can't you still mail it in? He wasn't sure and I'm certainly NOT sure!

Sheila Y said...

Hubby does our taxes and we have filed electronically for years...and my favorite car...'88 Mazda RX7, it was red, had to give it up before Jarin was born, only had two seats...oh well, she was worth it...ha.
Take care, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I let someone else do mine these days. It's not that I've got complicated taxes at all but I like the assurance that someone else does it. Too confusing for me. Hope you get that tooth taken care of today!

Rose said...

I have an accountant deal with my tax forms. I don't mess with the IRS even though it is a simple form............I never liked working with figures!

Love that chevy and the color too!

Hugs, Rose

Dar said...

Awesome 48 Chevy Convertible...just look at that shinin' grill...that was 2 yrs before a sparkle in my Daddy's eye at me Mama...what a beaut.
As for the taxes, tax man does ours...still waiting on one W2 form before we can send it in.
I agree with emptying the past 8 yrs. of representation in D.C...
Soooo, patrolman Burris shut you down...funny!

Fred Alton said...

Love the post! Of course we must pay taxes. That's so we can have all the wonderful services which government gives us in return. Right?

On the cars, I'm torn twixt the '55 Ford Fairlane and the '54 Studebaker Hawk.

The best car I ever owned, all-around most serviceble, got the best gas mileage, strong body, and easy to maintain, was the '61 VW "Doodle-bug"! By far the best!

Lindie said...

Two terms and they're out! I voted out a fairly good man last time because of my new motto! Power corrupts, we all know this and still ignore it.