Saturday, February 12, 2011

When the World is at WAR

rations stamps

The young folk have no idea what it is like to live in a world under the threat of a crazed dictator with awesome power. The folks in Europe, England, Japan, Korea and many of the Pacific islands know firsthand. We in America knew fear because of the threats to our very freedoms. WE were forced into a war that Roosevelt tried hard not to become a part of, but Pearl Harbor changed that.

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How did those 4-5 years affect the USA? For five years we could not buy coffee, sugar, tires, oil or gasoline and many other staples without ration stamps. Yes, even I remember blackouts and listening for enemy planes to approach (But of course never did hear them).


I remember my mama and dad sitting glued to the radio listening to the war news, they had two sons involved. Dad had three or four brothers there. The famous man, Sir Winston Churchill said it, “War is Hell”.


I have no idea how Sir Winston is remembered in his England, but he was an ICON to Americans. I remember seeing a huge bust of Sir Winston at Hyde Park, the home of FDR.


Every country sold war bonds.

The Allies hung on every word Sir Winston and FDR uttered; they were the voices of our FREEDOM. It was amazing that when we were drawn into the war that the Auto factories in Detroit retooled in a matter of days to start producing Jeeps, trucks and weapons carriers for the war effort. Everyone from The child Shirley Temple to the huge movie stars was pushing the sale of War Bonds. BUY YOUR BONDS TODAY!!!!!

DSCN2918_274144420_stddurbin_deanna_1940s_300  Canadian war bonds

Even in Serbia and on the right ,A Canadian Actress selling Bonds.

Yes, it could happen again, humans cannot seem to live without war. And being a world power it will eventually involve us. The war drew us together as a nation, because we knew it was fight of die. So our men and women fought and won. Many died so we today could treat freedom so lightly.

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Anyway my point is, we tightened our belts during WWII, as a nation we decided to save ourselves.


Now we are fighting for our economic lives, I hope we can pull together and make it work. BRING OUR JOBS BACK AND DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW.

Some of our benefits in the USA MUST be cut, to save us all.

Thanks for reading this, MY OPINION!.

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Adult Truths
8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.
9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired.
10. Bad decisions make good stories.


This antique beauty was used to sell bonds in the UK.

Used to seel bonds in England


Cher' Shots said...

As always I love your point of view as I agree. For the life of me I can't understand bailing out other countries when we are in debt! Not the way I was taught to handle finances!
'love & hugs from afar'

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A war on debt would seem to be what we have and then yet again our men and women are fighting on foreign lands that has to be draining our budget too. None of it is free. Freedom is not nor ever will be free. Costs abound in dollars and lives. We live in a great country founded on freedoms of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness...and none of it is free. The sad thing is that every day I hear of people abusing the system and maybe that's where the cuts should begin. There are people getting hand outs everyday that really don't deserve them. And some that deserve them, can't get them. I don't know where the answer is at all. Mind boggling for sure. The sun is shining here today, hope it is there too!

Dar said...

So, who, as in other countries, is going to bail the USA out of this miserable mess our country digs deeper and deeper in while STILL helping others. It's a tough call, as Cher says, we were not taught to handle our finances the way the country does. You write a heartfelt entry Jack. If only the clear and concise answers were heeded by D.C.

shirl72 said...

Mother said I was named after Shirley Temple.
Jim and Jerry tapped dance on the Court House
Steps selling Bonds and singing that song any
Bonds today. I sure remember the ration stamps.
I Remember the end of the war When Dad put
toilet paper all over the car and blew his
horn. Two boys were coming home.


shirl72 said...

Remember the song "Any Bonds Today, Bonds of
Freedom thats what I selling Any Bonds Today"
It was written by Irving Berlin and Bind Crosby
sang the song.


Fred Alton said...

I truly hope we don't have to go back to rationing gas, tires, sugar, flour, etc. in order to win the war against terrorism. I think that we would not be in this economic disaster if only the Maddows (Ernie? or Bernie? can't remember his first name) of the world could be caught and forced to repay all the poor innocent victims they took advantage of. I for one would be willing to tighten my belt so that this country does not become like many of the African countries I have visited. I remember hearing about war bonds, rationing, etc. but Mom and Dad did not let us kids know much about their worries. Another thing - those jobs were moved to Mexico and other places of cheap labor because the unions demanded higher wages for the American worker. Of course the cost was passed on to the consumer. The consumer demanded cheaper products, so the companies decided the only way was to have cheaper labor. Vicious cycle. BTW on the Adult-Truths line... I should have some great stories 'cause I've made a bunch of bad decisions!!! ☻

Jean said...

Grover had a brother that fought in WW11 he would never talk about it. I also had a brother in the Navy at that time. I remember mom and dad and the neighbors all got together and had a cookout to celebrate the end of the war. My uncle drove the school bus and one day during the war we were dropping off these kids on our bus route the dad came out and told us they just got news their son had been killed in the war. I was just a small child but I really hurt for that family.

Bookncoffee said...

I am always interested in your opinions as I think they come from a wise view! Hope you all are having a good evening!

Paula said...

I'm sure I've told you this before but my Mama saved one ration book for each of us kids. I have mine some where and I remember rationing well. Also I remember the day the war was over a neighbor ringing the church bell on the church across the street from us. It was a good chilling feeling.

Rose said...

I believe we have to help our own first and then others..........Yikes......sometimes we stick our nose where it doesn't belong putting our own men in women in harms way. Scares me!

This Post packed a big punch on what is going on in this world in the past and the present.

Hugs, Rose

jun said...

they showed fiddler on the roof , on hbo tonight
of course i had to watch it because of you, Jack!
and i cried when he sang that song you like"do you love me".
i cried a lot throughout
i didn't remember it being so sad.
i was much younger when i first saw it so all i saw was the weddings and the love.
now that i am older i saw the heartbreak , and the uncertainty that comes with changes in life we must endure.
anyway, thank you for reminding me about this movie.
they just dont make them like this anymore
or maybe i am just "old" lol

jun said...

Jack please tell Shirl thank you for the kind words she left me. yes i remember she is your sister, the belmont belle. sometimes i do get confused and think now which ones sherry and which ones shirl, namewise. but i definetly know that sherry is your maiden fair.
i admire both ladies and you as well.

Reader Wil said...

I remember my parents and their relatives listening to the voice of Hitler, with white angry faces. I was five and asked if he was human, for he sounded like the voice of Hell. When the war broke out my father was at sea and sailed all through the war. Together with the allied forces thy faced the German and Japanese U-boats. My mum and we, her children were imprisoned in a Japanese concentrationcamp in the (now) Indonesian Isle of Java. We survived. Churchill and Roosevelt were icons for us too.

Reader Wil said...

I forgot to say that your post is terrific. I only see no connection with psalm 7.
Have a great Sunday!

Y said...

next time you and Sherry are in New Orleans, Richard would be happy to get you a VIP tour of the WWII Museum.
I'd rather spend more on salaries and health care benefits and less on war, which I think would be possible if we limited our war efforts to defending OUR SOIL.

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for your visit and kind comment!

Lindie said...

I was born at the end of the war so have no memories of it other than reading about it. My mother's Good Housekeeping cook book had a chapter on rationing and substitutions. And we all would benefit with Victory Gardens again!