Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cars & Diapers

Things don’t happen as often as they used to. Our car seldom has a flat anymore. We never have to push it off to start it now. I never have to take the best tire and use it as a spare when I buy a new set. My car doesn’t get washed as often as it used to, and I was never much for washing it.



(What am I saying, I just had a blowout like this not long ago!!)

I don’t even check the anti-freeze anymore. Shoot, I seldom check the oil, I used to check it every other day (but of course I had to!). I never buy the used or reprocessed oil anymore. I don’t even think it is available. I can’t remember changing a tail light, do they still burn out?

I remember when a car was built like a tank. I thought they would put the new cars to shame in an accident. Cousin Dewey knows I am an old car lover so he sent me a CRASH comparison of a 1958 Chevy compared to a 2008 Chevy. They were wrecked at the same speed in the same manner. The Dummies in the ’58 were killed and the ones in the ’08 were slightly injured. So? Well I guess things are built better now than they used to be. Boy is that hard to say!!!.


My BIL Dick had a Cadillac that when he sold it at 140,000 miles, had the same spark plugs that were born in it. Now in a way that is a shame, I remember how smart I thought I was to pull the plugs and clean and set them, about every 1500-2000 miles.


I could set the points and timing, clean and adjust the carburetor. I even still have a ‘timing light’ and a Craftsman analyzer unit (in storage). They are useless now (Unless Sherry will let me buy an old car to play with later when we retire. That is why I am holding the tools. LOL)

Other things don’t happen as often as they used to, but I cannot discuss them. My Grandkids think they don’t happen at all anymore.


I guess what goes around comes around. I will soon be changing diapers again, but this time it will be mine!

(Image censored removed)

At least this time around they are not cotton, but disposable, that is one advantage.

Thanks for reading this junk,

Nite Shipslog


No I haven’t found the missing manuscripts; I have been looking for my glasses.

(The following was heard when this car was new).

(1955 BMW!~ Wow this car was wayout of reach for the average person! But what a timeless beauty)

1955 BMW

'I'm afraid the Volkswagen car is going to open the
door to a whole lot of foreign business.


Bookncoffee said...

Good to know cars are made better. I wouldn't have thought so either. lol on the diaper picture.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I had a '55 Ford and remember sitting on the fender with my feet on the exhausts, changing the plugs, points and condensor. With today's cars, you're lucky if you can even fit your hand near the spark plugs, much less with a wrench.


Anonymous said...


Please have you all a good Thursday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes the lights still burn out. One of direction lights went out a while back and had to go to the dealership to have them put a new one in for me...I couldn't figure out how to get to it and they had a tough time doing it too. It took 3 guys there to figure it out. Oh dear!

Glenda said...

omg, the depends photo is hilarious!!!

Sheila Y said...

Speaking of Volkswagons, my last vehicle was a VW Touareg SUV. We had two lights go out. I think the front one went out first (not the headlight) and I let the dealer replace it, and no it wasn't cheap. (we couldn't figure out how to get to it). The second time it was the tail light, I took it down the road from our house, They had to get someone to pick up a bulb and bring it there but they only charged me the price of the bulbs, it was a 2 pack and I think it was less than 5 dollars.
Paula may have been snow dancing, I saw that San Antonio has a chance for snow tomorrow.
Are you sure H@ll hasn't frozen over? HA
Take care, Sheila

Dar said...

Yes, lights do still go out on vehicles, especially when you back into something that happens to be parked in ' Your turn-around,' and tires do go flat. Just had that happen Mon. on a road trip for a Dr. appt. Luckily, adding some air, got it home. Otherwise, I would rather be riding in Big Blue, the Dodge Hemi, than my little Austin Healey...that was a sweet ride but low enough to the ground to pick up a skunk and hurl it over the open top....geeez, can still smell it.
You Will Find Those Manuscripts

Dar said...

AND, MERCY, that first picture SCARES me.
BlessYa.......looks like ya need it....LMAO

Paula said...

I've been driving around with a slow leak and finally went to a tire shop. Poor John had to add air about once a week. They charged me $10.00. Tell Sheila I haven't been snow dancing I'm freezing to death down here and so is our company from Alaska. They are threatening to go home where its warm.

Jean said...

Last year when we came out from Wal-Mart's my front tire was flat. I went around to the shop to get someone to come and change it they told me they couldn't change it in the parking lot after I drove it around to the shop I had to buy a new tire. The left turning light has gone out on the truck I will have to take it in to get one put in it as soon as we have a nice day,but I still like the newer cars and trucks. lol. Take care.

Rose said...

That photo of the 1955 BMW is surely a beauty!

shirl72 said...

I can't even see the spark-plugs on my CRV. I
can't believe the way the motor looks. I
remember changing and setting the timing.
The distributor cap makes a good pencil holder
when no longer needed. I can't every remember
having a flat tire thank goodness. The cars
were so simple back then to work on.


Lucy said...

Like I have said before we had a 32 model B when my first husband and I were married in 1948. Joe was driving a 60 Ford Falcon WHEN WE MET. He drove that for 20 years to work and back. Thank goodness I had a newer car for long trips like our honeymoon.

Fred Alton said...

Cars are definitely not put together with the mechanic in mind. I tried to change a battery in a 1995 Buick - well,actually managed to get it done - but next time I took it to the dealer. Horrible! is about the best word I can think of to describe the experience. Had one flat on my 2001 pickup and would never have found the jack except for a trucker stopping to help me. Had to change a light on my small trailer a few days ago and actually managed to change that one myself. Dont' think I could do it on either of my vehicles now. Love these stories about your travels.