Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just standing by!

I had something to say when I sat down here. Where do thoughts go? probably the same place the lost blog entries and comments go. I am supposed to start a book, this one is gonna be either a senior romance or a Christmas Story for next Christmas sales.

I could never run a retail business. My brother did and he had to think Christmas in July when ordering for the holidays. So I figure if I am going to have a book for Christmas I had better get trucking. Problem is I cannot get the creative thoughts coming.

"I hate Christmas," said Buddy, "it takes it so long to get here!"


"Christmas? You crazy Stick? This is just September! Christmas is years away!"

Anyway I sit here in the hospital with all the noise and families and think, Johnny should be up in a week or so. Yeah, they have said it could go either way, but I am an eternal optomist about life, as long as there is breath, there is life and achance to SURVIVE!

No one looks good when they have 12 or 13 machines, monitors, bags, IV's and I don't know what all hooked up to them. He also is on one of the new mattresses That rolls him around and raises him some. I remember when we were taking care of folks you had to roll them to the side and put pillows behind them to keep the lungs from settling in and gathering fluid. Now this thing looks like it gonna dump out of the bed.

Anyway I would like to thank you all again for your concern and prayers.

Until next time,
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope that the waiting gives you some time to think of what a great book you can write. I'm praying that all goes well and soon your Johnny will be on his feet and home again. We just got another winter weather watch starting tomorrow night freezing rain and then maybe 5-7 inches of snow in our area. I hope your weather there is better than ours. Take care!

~mel said...

Hi ~ poppin' in to check on the patient and to check on the patience. ((sending a big cyberspace {{HEALING HUG}} your way)). I know these last few days have been very trying; but just remember there are a bunch of people who are thinking of you and Sherry and of course, Johnny and the rest of the family. I found it a little humorous you thinking of writing about a Christmas story ~ would it be one with lots and LOTS of SNOW???? and big new shiny shovels??!! Have you ever taken the hood off of a vehicle and used it for a sled? I'm bad. I know.

Lucy said...

Jack take comfort in the fact that you won't be there for life. We are supposed to get snow for the next 3 days. Hope things get better for all there. Have thought about you and Sherry a lot.

Paula said...

Prayers are still being said. Now about the book how about a senior romance about Lucy and Joe? What ever you write it will be good. Maybe its just hard now with the sickness in the forefront.

Glenda said...

Just start making notes Jack, something will click, it always ready for a new read from Jack Darnell! Hope all is going better
with Johnny---that bed sounds like just the
ticket to keep the bad stuff in the lungs from
settling in. Love and hugs from Florida.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it must be, 'just to stand by'.

A good Thursday for you all.

shirl72 said...

You will come up with a good idea about the
new book. I think one about romance would be good. Love starts at 15 and changes through out the ages. Hope Johnny improves. I do hope the weather gets better and no more snow and what is
there melts.


Dar said...

Johnny has been in our prayers, big time, as well as Sherry worrying about her brother and you and your dear brother-in-law. It's all in the Lord's hands., His, big loving hands.
About that book...I was thinking the same as Mel...since you are there in the thick of the white stuff, don't forget to mention the teaspoon you are shoveling with...too funny, the reference Cher made. Still laughin' just picturing you being baled out by a fella with a 'real' shovel.
Your book thoughts will come. Patience!
BlessYourHearts and (((HUGS)))to You All

Sheila Y said...

When Hubby had his heart attack, his bed was like an airbed...don't know if it could do tricks though...Always good to be optimistic, he has a lot of friends praying for him. Stay warm, (giggle) Sheila

Helen said...

Sending up more prayers for Johnny and the rest of the family. I have never heard of a bed like that. Sounds like a good invention. No more pulling and tugging at a patient. People who are at home and terminally ill should have a mattress like that. That turning a patient can wear the old back down. Believe me I know. Helen

Helen said...

PS loved the picture of Johnny and Sherry in the goat cart. Helen