Sunday, February 20, 2011

In Ypslanti, Michigan

We did drive straight thru 22 hours. But Johnny is stillholding on He did recognize Sherry, that is why we came, to let him know he is loved and cared for. Johnny is a single guy. He does have a beautiful daughter, Candice she is the only family in the Detroit area. She has stuck by him and he loves that girl.

I am looking out and it is snowing to beat the band. I'm sorry I said all those nasty things about you folks that live in this. Reckon the Lord is gettin' me?

We are on the generator now, and Security has allowed us to park int he picnic area. I tink it is a safe bet no one is going to use it.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts.

I am beat, but wanted you to know.
Nite Ships log

I have stopped the comments on this one. I know you care, and thanks.