Friday, February 18, 2011

What does real money look like?

What is this? Now we want to send some money to Egypt to prop up their economy after the Coup?

ten thous in 100

(This is $10,000 in $100’s) Keep that in mind

There are estimates of Mubarak’s wealth that reach 70 BILLION dollars. Keep in mind he was raised in poverty, no family money. So whose money is that? Mostly Egypt’s I would suppose. So take from the guy 69 Billion and leave him a paltry ONE BILLION to live out his days and take care of his family. It would probably be enough.

one million in 100

(This is just a Million dollars in $100 bills. not very impressive)

WOW! To be honest, if what I hear is true, our Foreign Aid is like a drop in the bucket (less than 1%) to the other expenses we have. Now I understand the comparisons, but I cannot help but think on a small man’s level. I wonder how much it costs to move the president and congressmen a round. Like cranking up Air Force ONE or any of the many Helicopters that are furnished to our politicians, it takes MY PERSONAL TAXES in less than five minutes, if that long. So to keep these things going takes all the taxes paid by a small town every day, and that is just for the fuel.

one hundred million

(Now we are getting somewhere, this is a hundred million)

Now I love NASA. I like space exploration. But it costs 450 million dollars for one mission. I don’t know how many folks pay a million dollars tax a year (I don’t think any of us on this Blogging network do, well with the EXCEPTION of maybe Bucko, Jimmy and Garnett), but one mission takes the taxes of 450 of them. . (Oh, I had that mixed up with the bar bill, Jimmy and Garnett’s bar bill at AREA 51 is that much, but you know how things appear and disappear in AREA 51).

one billion in 100

(One Billion dollars in $100 bills. That is ten pallets of money. Mubarak has 70 times that, pretty good huh?)

Strange but when I start figuring the amount of taxes paid on a personal level, one working person pays just enough to pay for your congressman’s postage bill. I wonder how many taxpayers it takes to support one congressman. I just tried to find out and could not find the figures.

I did find where During the Reid-Kennedy Immigration hearings that illegals cost the taxpayers ½ Trillion dollars a year and that was in 2006. (The gov’t’s own estimations). But they don’t have time to fix it, they are too busy campaigning, sexting and texting!

one trillion dollars in 100

(Okay this is a trillion dollars in $100 bills, look how little our man is in the corner. Folks as of tonight we owe fourteen times that as a nation, The figure below as of about 9PM)



Sorry ‘bout this, but thanks for coming by. I just ask you to look at your hard money going for taxes. Check the amount, and see what YOU are paying for. Your taxes may cover the toilet paper in the Capitol building for a month.

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Again to emphasize:

I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you. 


That guy in the 1950 Chevy truck is gonna smell that great smoke smell. That looks like the Tetons in the back ground.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

All that is way over my head. Thankfully my riches are in things that don't look like money, but they mean so much more. I hope your Saturday is a great one!

Fred Alton said...

What troubles me about all this is that the US probably contributed all that money to Egypt which became the "personal wealth" of Mr. Mubarak. Then - they start the rumor that the reason their people don't have anything is because the US is a selfish and wasteful society that has no concern for anyone else. If you look it up, I am convinced that you will find many little desperados who became state/country dictators and lived a lifestyle of the lushly prosperous - while their people earned two dollars a day or less! God Help Us!!

Cher' Shots said...

Jack, no worries about money - they just keep printing more and more! Regardless that the value goes down and down as they do it! Plant a garden and buy some ammo!

Cher' Shots said...


shirl72 said...

I think they should be made to live an ordinary
life style for one year to get back in touch with the real world. Most are completely out of touch how we live.


Ken Riches said...

It is amazing how different a world our politicians live in, they support they get to be our representatives distorts their view of the real day-to-day challenges. Even with all that largess, it is a drop in the bucket compared to defense and entitlement programs. You cannot apply the same standards today as when the programs were created, our world and longevity have changed, but the programs have not. Safe Travels :o)