Friday, February 25, 2011

I have learned, however slow, I have learned

No one cares if you are not in a hurry, they are.
Folks who are late for work ain't got time to sight see.
I learned in Italy folks drive with their horns, ever ready, and used frequently.
I have noticed down south and UP NORTH folks spin off into the ditch when it snows.

I have also noticed that up here as well as down south, folks think it is okay to go 70-80mph with snow on the road.

I have also noticed that I say the same thing up here as down there, "Are you folk CRAZY?"

And in answer to your questioning minds, I am not driving at 25mph while they are doing 70. I get in the slow lane and keep up with traffic. (Most of the time). And let the ones in a hurry go ahead. Yep, I know they could slide and cause a wreck, they do too, but it usually does not happen, that is why they still go 70mph on ice.

Enough of the weather. These folks here at St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital are great. It is also a great complex. They have about everything you need. They have a motel here that provides
a small laundry room. This Computer is in the guest area for use.

They have a Java Joe's that Sherry loves. They have some nice stuff.

My only complaint is the Cafeteria, his one is laid out odd and hard for me to get a handle on. They also do not have plates they only have the square 2" deep plastic carry out containers to eat out of. So I guess I can always find something to gripe about.

Did I telll you Sherry was able to get her perscription filled and a hair cut here? Well she did.

I have a great entry back at the motor home, but this is here.
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PS: Today they have operated and installed a Trach to make it easier for John to breath. Another thing. If you scroll down to the bottom of this blog you will see Sherry and little brother Johnny in 1942.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That picture of Sherry and John is a nugget of gold in times like this. Happiness and the Joy of youth is just blooming on their sweet faces. Glad they were able to improve the breathing for John and am still praying for a full recovery for him. What a blessing that that place is treating you so well. You both take care!

betty said...

so sorry to hear about your brother, Sherry; will keep him in my prayers! It is neat that there is a good facility where he is at with lots of amenities for those that come to visit the patients! Do drive carefully! I totally agree, everyone drives crazy in the snow/ice; here they "freak" out if there is a little bit of water on the road from a rainstorm


Jimmy's Journal said...

It always makes me wonder when I see cars sliding on ice and the driver has that bewildered "I wonder why that happened" look on his face.

Hope John continues to improve.


Rose said...

I'm glad you are a cautious driver since you are constantly on the road. I get so annoyed with the people that are all in such a hurry!

My prayers for Sherry's brother.

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

Sending you patience, strengh and good thoughts.

Paula said...

My Mel used to call slow drivers Sunday drivers. Our hospital cafeteria always puts my food in one of those containers because they know I won't eat it all and will want to take it home just down the street. Glad they are doing something for Johnny to breathe easier.

shirl72 said...

Sounds like the Hospital has everything you would
want. Hotel in the Hospital how neat. Hope
Johnny will improve each day. Glad Sherry got
her hair cut and prescription. Keep the faith.


Ken Riches said...

Picture is priceless. Stay safe.