Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bi-Focal Glasses and Exercise machines


I have noticed our son (nearing 50) has been holding things out at arm’s length to read them for a few years now. He also has started carrying reading glasses. Do you remember going thru those stages? Near 50 I finally got some bi-focal lenses and made the building business easier. It was never vanity with me, just the aggravation.


My buddy Sonny would never get a pair of bi-focals. Every time we were working together, and he needed to read a schematic or a ruler of any kind, out of his shirt pocket came the reading glasses. He never gave in.


(The most famous guy with bad eye sight!)

I remember seeing an article about exercising your eyes. This guy was in his 70’s and had 20/20 vision. He claimed it was because he spent 30 minutes a day exercising his eyes. He had some pulleys rigged up with a hand crank. When he turned the crank, a target came at him from the opposite wall until it touched his nose. Thus causing his eye to focus from far to near. Then he reverses this. By the end of the 30 minutes the object was moving faster causing his eye muscles to operate faster. Now the premise sounded logical, But I am too lazy to exercise my eyes 30 minutes a day. I am fortunate if I can take time out of my ‘busy’ day to walk an hour. Hahahahaha

Also, there are folks with eye sight 20/20 well into their 70’s. Wiley Harris, Sherry’s dad, read the paper nearly every day of his life without glasses. He passed away at 83. So as far as I know he never exercised his eyes. Oh wait, maybe it was the reading the paper as his exercise. So maybe the guy above just had good eyes.


(The ones advertising this stuff don’t need it.)


Might be like those exercise machines they advertise. None of those guys and gals needs that exercise machine to get in shape, THEY ARE IN SHAPE. They want me to look at that Cool dude and think that is what I will look like if I buy one of them. Shirl has an exercise machine (of course she doesn’t need it either) but she gets her exercise dragging it from room to room to hang her clothes on. HA!


I have the two above here in the motor home.  I use them every few months. I wish I would use them three times a week.


(Sherry has been using the exercise equip. again! I have completely quit talking back to her!!!)

Do you have exercise equipment?

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Did y’all notice Lindie made a couple comments GO LADY. Lindie was the first person to ever comment on my journal.


Check this car out!

Sheila 88RX7 Mazda

The one Sheila loved, but had to give it up!!!!


B. Knox said...

I've had some exercise equipment, but I enjoy walking outside so much more. I once bought a used Nordic Track machine, but shortly after I bought it I developed knee problems from shoveling in my gardening. The Nordic Track seemed to exacerbate the knee problems. I also bought the Perfect Push-Up discs hoping I could use them despite my decrepit wrist... oh, well. My son is getting a little use out of them.

Jean said...

Jack when Sheila had that red car we were camping at a camp ground in Panama City, and they all wanted to go to the beach so they took the truck leaving hubby and I with the car. We decided we wanted to go shopping that meant I had to drive and it had been years since I had drove a car with shift gears, I drove and he shift the gears. Lol.

Fred Alton said...

Question: Do you own a treadmill? Answer: Yes. Question: Do you use it? Answer: Just look at me! Can't you tell? Well, who would have ever guessed?!?

I never had problems switching to glasses, nor to bi-focals, nor to tri-focals. For some reason they always got the prescriptions right. But now - It seems - I am between "small cataracts" (too small to operate) and "the operation" (where they will implant lens into the eyeball) and then I won't have to wear glasses. Won't that be wonderful!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My exercise equipment here at my house consists of 3 flights of stairs should I choose to use them. It's great exercise and keeps me in shape a lot better than those without stairs in their homes...When nice weather comes I'll be out walking but not ever in the snow and ice except when I go out shopping...can that count as exercise? I have trifocals and am thankful for them. Like Fred some day cataract surgery will come my way too. Hope your Wednesday is being a wonderful one for you!

shirl72 said...

You are right I get my exercise moving my
treadmill from room to room. That is about
all the exercise I get. I need to walk but
that also falls by the wayside. Right now I
do not wear glasses but have a reading pair for
the paper. Maybe that is when I exercise my eyes. The computer may help.

Just heard the weather report Snow 11:00 PM.


Helen said...

I have bifocals but don't know why. I see great at a distance but can't read closeup without glasses. My expensive glasses are in their case in my purse. I use the store bought ones to read.
at home. We had a treadmill but it just made my back worse, then Ken quit using it. Then we sold it for practically nothing after giving hundreds of dollars for it. Money wasted.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I can identify with the "gradual" change and finally accepting the fact that I can't see up close. I used to rely on my ex-wife to read the looming road signs before it was too late to make a decision, but she's no longer available.

Most of the time, if I forget to bring my glasses to happy hour, I just let my lady read it and take care of it. Hell, she even signs the receipt.


Anonymous said...

With that many strikes going on, one is forced to exercise nearly on a daily base, walking, running, weight lifting (school books etc.) - please have you all a good Thursday.

Paula said...

We have a Health Rider that a renter left. Like Shirl I use it to hang clothes on. Works great for that.

Y said...

Why didn't you get Sherry'd dad's eyes transplanted into your head? That would have been the solution!

Ken Riches said...

I have readers in all our cars, bathroom, backpack, work desk; at least six pairs.

Dar said...

Me and Mr. MaGoo have a lot in common. I've been wearing glasses since Halloween school party when I was 10. Never missed a day since. I did have to graduate to bifocals tho. As for the exercise equipment, who needs it when I have a Ben to chase all day, 3 days a week, up the stairs for toys, down the stairs, up the stairs for clothes, down the get the picture, and Oh, lets not forget the shovel handle that seems to only fit My hands., not that I'm complaining. I love being outside., even in snow drifts, just not the cold.
That muscle-loaded gal in that picture, is not natural, thus disgusting. I'm sure glad you didn't put Sherry's head on that frame.
As for the car, now that's cute.