Monday, August 15, 2011

The dollar in coin



(Before this exciting post,  I installed a light bulb in the motion detector high up on Shirl’s house, and this is how she paid me.I had already eaten part of the melon before I decided to take a picture. Delicious) 


My dad gave me a silver dollar once; we held it for a long time. I do not know what happened to it. The first time we drove thru Las Vegas they were still using silver dollars in the slot machines. I thought it was exciting to hear one of the slots pay off. They never did for me, but I didn’t put much in. I am a big spender. I think the first time I limited my spending to $5. The last time we ate in a Casino was in New Mexico with Buddy and Di. I upped the amount I could lose to $20. Sure enough I did. Hahaha. Buddy on the other hand won $120. His is a lucky dog.


Do you remember the Susan B. Anthony coin? Looked and felt like a quarter. The government couldn’t understand why folks did not jump on it. They made coin machines especially for the $1 coin. Well I think the only machine was for stamps. I know they also gave them in change. It was a wasted effort. Then they tried the Sacajawea dollar coin, added some color and I loved them, but after you carry it for awhile it turns an ugly color. I liked to call them the gold dollars. Now they have been minting the $1 presidential coins for awhile. I keep some to give away to kids or leave as tips when we eat. The coins are beautiful when they are new, a bright shiny gold color. Kids love to get them.

dollar 001


But the coins are useless. Speaking of the Original Silver dollars the government in early years has used the coin to see how much a gov’t entity put into a local economy. They paid cash in silver dollars. I loved the one story my Brother Junior told about his train ride across the USA to catch his ship in WWII. As most trains did, his stopped in North Platte, Nebraska. The silver dollars had been used here a lot by troops passing thru and all business had them. Junior bought something for a dollar and gave the woman a $20 bill. She was counting off 19 silver dollars when Jr. realized what she was doing. He said he stopped her by saying, “Hey I can’t carry 19 silver dollars in these trousers, and they would pull my pants down”. He said she did not skip a beat counting and said, “$19 will pull my pants down too Sailor!”

He said he took two fists full of silver dollars and headed back to the train. (I said yeah, I bet!)


(There are some, all in plastic bags, probably never see a laundry mat)

There are a billion dollars of these coins resting in a vault (or two) Not gaining interest and not wanted. When they first came out I received an e-mail saying do not accept the new coins they do not have ‘IN God We Trust’ on them. But they did, the mint was being cute and put it on the outside edge.

Our congress has not decided to stop the production so the mint is still under mandate to keep punching these things out. They are a nice novelty, but will never take the place of the $1 bill, will they?


Thanks for coming this way.

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More medical dictionary, I am learning these from Mel (OF Honey I’m Home)

Benign............................ What you be, after you be eight
Caesarean Section............ A neighborhood in Rome
Cat scan.......................... Searching for Kitty
Cauterize......................... Made eye contact with her

Car of the day:

The Morgan 3 wheeler, the Morgan company has taken orders for 330 of these at L30k (30,000 pounds) each.



BlueRidge Boomer said...

I have one of the Sacajawea coins in my truck...tried to spend it several times, but....none of the cashiers would take it....they don't know what it is...Hahahaha...!!


shirl72 said...

Watermelon looks good. It is hard to believe they were grown in my natural area. I have about 4 left out there. My grape tomatoes did real well they were in pots.

I have some silver dollars guess I will just
keep them. I could have paid you with silver
dollars. LOL

Helen said...

That water melon looks so good. I have an old silver dollar that my dad gave me long ago. I also have an Susan B. Anthony dollar that he gave me also. Those cars look weird. helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love watermelon and that one looks nice and juicy. The messier the better I think. Hope you both are enjoying a great start to the week!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me a watermelon & fresh, ripe tomato jones. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

Wonderful mean to measure time and life. Please have you all a good Tuesday.

Paula said...

Those tomatoes look out of this world. Are you having BLT's? Hearing the change hit the metal tray at casinos is very exciting. Like everything they have to take the fun a way and use those plastic cards. Good luck to my friend and her hubby at Kick-A-Poo today. Thats in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Fred Alton said...

It never did make sense to me that they tried to put gold dollar coins into circulation without re-calling the paper ones. Now that might have succeeded as we would have needed some change from the 5 dollars we'll soon be paying for a coke. ☻

Ken Riches said...

We get dollar coins at our machine at work, and the snack and soda machines accept them, we have got great use of them.

Anonymous said...

When I was born someone gave me a silver dollar. I kept it until I was grown. Somehow it went missing. I blame my husband who likes to throw things away. (Maybe I hid it in our ring box and he threw that away. He lost his wedding ring too.) Anyway, I bought a silver dollar of the same year to replace the missing one. The missing one had less wear, though.
Recently I paid a fine at the library, and when I got my change, it had a different, higher pitched tinkle. I looked, and, sure enough, one of the quarters was a silver quarter (1963).


I LOVE silver dollars. Used to collect them for a while. When I had one of the newer ones, I wanted to spend... none of the salesclerks at the registers would take it. Said I was trying to pass phony money. UNBELIEVABLE. Same problem with a TWO Dollar Bill.