Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Incident that changed my life.

My last entry I was gonna tell you what I was reminded of by Mary of ‘stalled at 12’. She had a great (but sad) entry about a boy who did not get ‘the puppy’.



(not quite this bad, lol)

When Dad was assigned to an Albemarle, NC Church, of course we moved. Back then you loaded everything in the car and trailer and hauled everything to the next assignment. Being about 10-11 yrs old I did have friends in Burlington and none in Albemarle. I moped around and made my parents lives as miserable as I could, since I was miserable and missing my friends.

One day Dad and mom left me in the care of my OLDER sister, SHIRL, and they went to visit dad’s sister, Aunt Anne Mae.  Upon their return they came in the house and dad said, “Jackie, go out in the car, look in the back seat and bring that box in. Another chore, I drug my self out to the green 1951 Buick. In the back seat was something that changed my life, a wee black puppy. Excited? that was not the word! Holding the box carefully I ran into the house, “is it mine?” I asked.


Of course it was. Mom & Dad knew just what their sulking son needed. I named him Ace and until he died we were inseparable. He was a mixture of an English Water & Cocker Spaniel and my aunt Ann had given him to me.


This is not Ace, but close

Years later when Aunt Anne Mae passed away, I was asked to speak at her funeral. With pride I told of her giving me Ace. Something like that can sure make a special person out of your Aunt, and she was.


Ace usually got a red bandana.

Aunt Anne Mae Harbinson, was a special lady, and knew the way to a boys heart.

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Automobile of the day:

1956-cars Buick roadmaster

This is a 1956 Roadmaster Buick. The Roadmaster had 4 fake vents(ports) on the side, the Special and super had 3. Just so you will know I know what I am talking about, haha.


Paula said...

Nice story about something special in your life.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a special gift you had in that puppy. He was a beautiful one too. It's very windy but nice here today. The wind is the only effects of the hurricane that we will feel in our part of the world. Hope the two of you are enjoying a wonderful Sunday.


What a wonderful gift your Aunt gave you. One that made a real difference in your life. My parents did a similar for me when we moved. My life changed forever because of a dog. We named her Holly because it was around Christmas. To this day I can't see a Beagle without tears welling up in my eyes. PS. My husband had a German Shepard named Ace.

Helen said...

If Ace looked anything like that he was beautiful. A dog wins the heart every time.
I like that first car LOL. It had to have a lot of horsepower to hawl that load. Helen

Fred Alton said...

What a fantastic story of how a boy's heart went from sad to glad in 3 seconds flat! 1, he sees; 2, he holds; 3, he claims it as his own! I had a dog or two while quite young - but then we would move and leave them behind. Moved to the big city at 13 so that ended the outdoor pets.

Dar said...

A puppy's eyes are the calming effect., the whimper is apologetic and sympathetic, and the wag, the wag says he's yours.
Such a sweet entry about your first love from your dear Aunt Anne Mae...bless her warm heart and

Ken Riches said...

I think all boys need a dog at some point, it teaches caring, companionship, and love.

Jen said...

She gave you a friend to keep you from being lonely...what a wonderful gift. I bet she was a very special person.