Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mary Ann, Flip flops, Hair, color, and stuff

mary ann 001 

Mary Ann leaving her house at the very Top of the mountain, and the neatest place here.

mary ann 002

Ain’t she a beauty, NEVER ages! That is her Banana Pudding! (I already ate the cornbread!!!)

mary ann 003

Sherry’s guy, trying to read, but sleeping after the meal!

We have been shopping in the last couple weeks.  Sometimes when you are camping you take a day and walk thru stores. While down in Georgia, Mark, Sherry and I went to one of the ‘OUTLET’ strip malls. The only shoes I buy anymore is tennis shoes or what ever they are called today (running, hiking, walking, jogging and standing still shoes).


Growing up I think I needed one pair of leather shoes, I shined them for Sunday and sometimes for school. Our clothes were play/school clothes and a set for Sunday or Church. I remember once having rubber boots.

(Podiatrists report that during the summer they see an increase of patients for flip-flop-related injuries, including stress fractures and tendonitis).


I was looking at Flip flops. They were always shower  shoes to me, that was the only time I could stand that rib between my toes. WHAT???? $80-$120 for a flat piece of leather with two straps and a thong. Where is the value there? Closed in leather shoes (that are a lot more labor intensive (like that phrase?)) are more reasonable. Oh well.


Okay, someone ask me what color hair I listed on my drivers license (I’m bald), being a smart aleck. So, I saw a boy with orange hair, when he goes to get his driver’s license what color hair do they list? Why is there a slot on a ladies license?  Some change their hair color monthly.


Speaking of colors, I read an article written by a Black man entitled, ‘Colored people’. It is funny that white folk should call us ‘Colored’. When we are born we are black, when we die we are black, and every step in between. But you guys, You are pink when you are born, red when you are in the sun too long, blue when you are cold, Red when you are embarrassed, purple sometimes when you are dying and white in between. THE MAN DID HAVE A POINT.


Colors? I know you have noticed the amazing colors the computers have come up with on cars. Green was considered an undesirable color for years, but now, there are some beautiful greens. I love the colors that fade from black to blue or red. It amazes me.


Hey I can remember back when the only foreign car I had ever seen was the Volkswagen. Of course gas sometimes sold for 5 gal for a dollar too.


Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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Understanding Engineers (from Shirl)

Normal people believe that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Engineers believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet!

The winner is:


Note the tag number!  The GP I ain’t gonna guess!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Shoe prices always amaze me. I go for comfort and sometimes that is more costly than the others but I want happy feet so I pay it. That banana pudding does look wonderful. I need to make some soon. Have a great Wednesday!

Cher' Shots said...

You are such a hoot my friend! I agree with "I'm mostly known as 'MA'" - as for shoes I go for comfort - but it doesn't come easy! I have a horrible time finding shoes for my fat little feet!
'love & hugs from afar'

Helen said...

Bet that cornbread was a lot better than my cornflakes. That pudding looks delicious. Flip flops always made blisters between my toes. Hey, I thought that orange/red hair was on a girl LOL- really.
Can't say as I care to much for the last car picture. Helen

Paula said...

Mary Ann is a lovely lady and I love her hair. The first flip flops I saw Mel brought from Japan in the 50's and we called them shower slides. I still call tennis shoes, tennis shoes too but they probably don't call them that either anymore. I'm sooo behind the times. lol I wear those or Earth Shoes because my feet and ankles hurt. Ouch!

shirl72 said...

I love shoes and have over 76 pairs all kinds can't remember if I bought another pair since I counted. I did give some to Goodwill. The numbers on the tag was familiar in the 50's.

Mary Ann has a pretty home.
Never thought what color hair to put on my driver license guess any color. Hope you are staying cool.

Anonymous said...

oh shoes - whole stories able to write about. not too long ago they did steal a pair of mine from our garden, left them there to dry over night after washing them.
well, always a safe step for its new owner and for you of course as well.

Anonymous said...

As a kid, I had two pairs of shoes. I had black dress shoes for church and school. I had black sneakers for play. Combined price of both was less than $15.

That last car is my favorite.


Fred Alton said...

Hair color is a thing that changes, Jack. I used to have lots of grey hair but not anymore! Ha. That car, was that Dolly Parton in disguise? On the shoes, I started wearing "wing-tips" made by Rockport when I went to Africa. They are so tough, so durable, yet lightweight that they are my all around favorite. But since retirement I find myself wearing "loafers" more often than not. There's just something about the "slip-on/slip-off" feature that I like! ☻

Sheila Y said...

I need to find a more supportive flip flop, I'm having ankle pain (right one)this year. It went away the first time, but after the two days of walking at college with Cori, it came back to stay. And I was wearing sneakers. Have a great day in the mountains, Sheila

Anonymous said...

It is easy to read your ramblings. I like the kid's orange hair.