Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Team

I am not much into sports. I loved playing catch-up base ball in empty lots. I played a lot of games but mostly baseball or soft ball. Softball was usually batting, we played a lot of ‘Rolley-Bat’. I don’t know if that is known far and wide or not. The players in the field try to roll the ball they catch, trying to hit the bat on the ground.


I was never on many organized teams, and never serious about competition. THEN….. I met and married Sherry we became a TEAM. Sherry was working when we married, and she worked off and on according to my whims in life jobs. (I have had a lot).We finally evolved past ‘me & mine’, to OURS. When the boys came along and for the first few years Sherry stayed home with them.

After they entered school she worked. We had always lived on one salary (hers or mine) so with both working  we tried to save one, rather than spend the extra. Sports? the boys loved the Redskins so we all supported them. When the boys played ball of course we backed their teams.  Now, Sherry keeps up with some sports, but I seldom know who is playing whom.

Scanoldpic9 003

The Team (That is a 1960 Rambler behind us)

Scanoldpic9 004


That is the Rev Jack Laughing out loud, these pictures were taken while we pastored in Rutherfordton, NC just a short while before we built the church in New Hope. (Cannot find a picture of the place in New Hope.)

But this TEAM has had a few victories. Things we are proud of: We have helped ourselves, and we have helped others. Once, in one of my many lives (when I thought I was a preacher) we organized and built a church  (It is still going well, BTW).

At that church there were several beautiful  young girls. One, Linda Allen was from a good family of good looking folk. She was being courted by a skinny young fellow, Steve Thompson. The courtship got serious and they came to talk to me about marriage. This was our third church, I had buried a few folk, but never performed a wedding ceremony.

(I will get some pictures, we do not have any of the wedding)

I realized they were serious and performed the wedding. They headed off into marriage bliss. It has been about 44 years ago. They are still married have a wonderful family.  Today we will drive down to Anderson, SC to have dinner with them. First we will attend church where their beautiful daughter is the pastor’s wife. Amazing. We wanted to take them out to eat, but Linda insists I could hear better in a home environment, She is so sweet.


The above Photo is  Mark and Cindy Daniel and family. He is the pastor of the church we will visit.Cindy is Linda and Steve’s daughter, she  looks just like her mama. the boy on the right looks like Steve. (Picture taken from their church website)

We are looking forward to the visit. so this is one of the accomplishments of THE TEAM we are proud of.

As the BRBoomer is known for saying, LIFE IS GOOD!

So thanks for coming by the log.

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. How many times is it appropriate to say "What?" before you just nod and smile because you still didn't hear what they said?


Car of the day:


This is my friend BUDDY’S Mustang. He says it is the hottest thing going, knowing him, I don’t doubt it. It got a short mention in one of my books when one of the kids wanted to borrow it.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Have a wonderful day. One to be celebrating for sure!

Lucy said...

Sounds like some good relaxation time. Enjoy!!! Each day as I get older and find something I like to do, I just think enjoy cause life is getting shorter with each day and that is not, Just me.

Cher' Shots said...

Enjoy your visits ~ as if you wouldn't. Catching up with old friends is the best. My Thom has the same trouble with hearing ... it has to do with intercepting morse code for 18 years. Speak about another life heh!!
'love & hugs from afar'

Paula said...

I've never heard of Rolley-Bat but then I haven't heard of a lot of things. I liked volley ball in school but I don't watch sports on TV. When Mel was alive I used to go mow grass when he watched the Dallas Cowboys, his favorite.I hope you and Sherry enjoyed your visit with friends today.


Teamwork gets the job done. Enjoy your visit with old friends, they make the best memories. I used to own an orange mustang. I bought it from an actress who was on Broadway. I wish I had kept it.

shirl72 said...

Glad you had a good time being with old friends.
That is such a good time talking about old times.
Now everything is about old times. Memories
we made. A very nice looking family. Glad to
see families together in todays world.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of the teams!
44 years is 'bout as good as "happily ever after"!
I used to like to play roller bat. The great thing was you could play that even if you didn't have enough people to make a softball team.

shirl72 said...

PS: Forgot to tell I was the pitcher on the
softball team in the eight grade. To bad I
didn't stick with playing ball, I could have
been in the big leagues making big money. Better
than my music.


Fred Alton said...

Jack, when you learn the answer to that question, please publish it far and wide. I also am anxious to know what's the proper number of times I ask, "Huh?" or "What?" before nodding and smiling! I think if you wrote a book you would have a ready market among us retirees and the old folks homes. ☻