Saturday, August 13, 2011

This Y Generation?

Born 1976 to 1995, someone has designated these folks as generation Y.


They are also called the Net Generation or the Echo Boomers. before that was the Generation ‘X’ from the 1960’s to the late 1970’s.

Of course we always hear of the Baby Boomers from 1946 to the 1960’s.

But did you know that the generation born from 1925 to 1945 was called the ‘Silent Generation’. According to my mama and family I wasn’t ‘silent’.(just sayin’).

I love this one, from the bottom of my heart, ‘The Greatest Generation’ born from 1900 to 1925. They survived the depression and fought WWII. They also created the Boomers. and us, the Silent Generation.

Great depression

(The greatest generation feeding, the silent generation eating)


I don’t know why someone must label  cultural generations, or who decides what to call them. I always thought we were just people. But according to studies there is a different mind set within generations.

We who grew up with what we called a ‘solid work ethic’, passed on by parents who truly worked to raise and feed a family.  It is hard for us to accept someone who will not show up for work. It is hard for us to understand  continued tardiness. I just wanted to salute the generations past.

I appreciate the farms my folks and their folks worked on from sunup to sun set. I appreciate getting the work done with no power machinery. Boiling clothes and using a scrub board. Cleaning and filling kerosene lamps, cutting and splitting enough wood for a winter with cross cut saws, wedges and mallets. 

This looks like a farmer praying for the mule

Now that I have seen the wood required for a Wisconsin winter I can really appreciate the work required for the farmers in the north.


So we are passing off a country that we had run fairly well until the mid 1980’s.  But since then our politicians have run this country into a hole, what the Generation we call ‘Y’ is receiving, is a bunch of IOU’s.  And that is a shame after our forefathers and our fathers gave us such a wonderful opportunity.

But this Generation is going to handle the problems, trust them. (Boy that is hard to say seeing some of them with their pants on the ground and every part of their bodies pierced or tattooed).  But they will survive and keep this country great.

Thanks for coming this way

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you! Once again you've given me my something new for today. I never knew that my generation was called the silent generation. Even with all our problems our country it is still one to be proud to live in. I had an opportunity to talk with a young woman that had just received her citizenship here a few weeks ago and she loves it. She said we just really don't know how good we have it. We do have so much more than others do.

Lucy said...

You just said exactly why I just closed my facebook account. The Y generation. I prefer to be the silent generation. That is funny because they always want to know why and I couldn't answer. Now I can.

Fred Alton said...

I'm with Ma! I did not know we were called the "silent" generation. Maybe if I had known I could have restrained myself from so much meaningless chatter. (Ain't that what they call preaching?) Ha. BTW I loved the kick-boxing match with the computer. I've won many of those fights too.

Helen said...

Those horses and mules worked hard just the people did. From before sunup until after dark. I can remember all that hard work. That pone of cornbread and that big bowl of white butter beans were really good at dinner along with some lukewarm water. The beans were so thick that they were clumped together and cold to boot. We never knew how much our parents and grandparents worried about their family. Bless their hearts, I wish I could see them all and give them a big hug. Helen

Paula said...

Love this entry Jack. Do you ever wonder how those young people and some of them are not so young keep those pants up?

Y said...

We of the supposedly "silent generation" have had much to say about hypocrisy. We need to stand by those who are working to be true to what we have said we believe, instead of buckling under to those who want to take our country backward to the "good old days." We can't let our politicians take us back to a time that only existed on TV, like in "Leave It to Beaver," "Amos and Andy," and "The Lone Ranger."

Anonymous said...

Being an 'X' I found this entry really interesting. And yes, am thinking much and often about what me son will be able to see. Please have you all a good Sunday.


I didn't know what all the labels for the various generations were. Now I do. Thanks. Past generations rose to the ocassion to take care of business. I wonder if future generations will have what it takes to get the job done? Sometimes I look at my daughters and it frightens me to see how little they care about economics, politics and global issues. They just figure it's someone elses problem to deal with.

Ken Riches said...

The current generation has a lot to learn.