Monday, August 22, 2011

Trip, Post Script

Just a short(?) note. We had a great trip with a couple friends when we went to Anderson yesterday.

stevelinda wedding 027

We had a wonderful visit. Linda was her old self and also cooks great. The family sings and as a treat for us the pastor called them up to sing, and sing they did. I guess it is called Southern gospel They get into the spirit of worship as they sing. My pictures did not come out too great.

stevelinda wedding 005

Dinner at their house was great followed by a visit to their marriage album remembering the great day. One of my more questionable decisions as a pastor; agreeing to perform the ceremony and marry these two 17 year old kids.

stevelinda wedding 017

(17, marriage license in hand getting into a borrowed car!)

I guess a lot had to do with remembering. Remembering, because just a few years before I had been 17 and Sherry agreed to marry me.

stevelinda wedding 020

(Yeah that is me, praying, Note: I had HAIR!)

Back to the dinner (lunch to some). Roast Beef, mac & cheese, creamed corn, fresh green beans, squash, rice and gravy. Served with rolls and Iced tea. Everything was delicious.

stevelinda wedding 009

Then followed by this fresh Strawberry cake, moist and delicious.

stevelinda wedding 012

(She is from a cake baking family, their cakes bring near $200 at auction.)

Linda played some on the piano, with a little singing. Steve and Linda took us around the town showing us their kids houses and some of the area. Oh, Linda’s mom (A dear friend) also lives in Anderson, but she was not home. Would you believe they took us by her place, took us in (sin)? BUT mama’s house looked like it had been cleaned and prepared for a visit by dignitaries. All in all it was a great day.

You know I had to do it:  BEFORE……..

stevelinda wedding 028

AFTER…………………………(45 YRS LATER)

stevelinda wedding 044



It does you good to see a success story.

stevelinda wedding 039

(Steve, Linda, Me, Ann (Linda’s aunt) and Elmer (BIL)

(Ann & Elmer rode down with us)

Thanks for coming this way,

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Tablet........................... A small table
Terminal Illness............. Getting sick at the airport
Tumor.......................... One plus one more
Urine............................ Opposite of you're out


PS2: today’s car: Chevy Caprice..  think the car Steve borrowed for their honey moon:




Fred Alton said...

What a great success story! Yes, It's still being done here in America. People can get married and "forsaking all others" remain with that spouse of choice. You must have couseled them right, Jack. Even the courts here in Tennessee give young couples a discount on the price of their license if they get a certain number of pre-marital counseling hours before the wedding. I know you enjoyed reflecting on those days when you were a pastor and the good you did then still continues today!

Paula said...

Wow you had nice hair! I wanted to get married at 17 but my mama wouldn't let me. lol

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great celebration. Married to the same person all those years is worth it for sure. I guess it really brought back some good memories for you. Cool day in the 70's here in Ohio...just beautiful!

Helen said...

Sounds like a great day, looks like great food. You looked nice with hair. Helen

Anonymous said...

Getting into borrowed car LOL. Well, you've made up for that by having quite a few bought ones since then. ~Mary

shirl72 said...

What a nice trip glad you had a good time.
It is wonderful for a couple to be happy and still married. Everybody looks happy. Would love
to hear them sing.



Wonderful memories made with old friends. Looks like a good time was had by all. Enjoyed the photos.

Lucy said...

Memories are always a good thing. Especially when that is just about all you have left. Takes a person back.

Ken Riches said...