Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ever actually QUIT a habit?

Have you ever quit a habit? Have you ever seriously changed a lifestyle? I have. It is one thing no one could tell me how to do. It just happened, one day I really decided to Quit or change. No if’s and’s or but’s you just do it.

From the netonychophagia

Ever bite you nails? Tried to quit? I knew a person who put hot sauce on their nails to remind them not to do it.  then they quit the hot sauce because it was too much trouble.

I quit smoking about 1303 times. Winking smile The most enjoyable habit I ever had was smoking. I used to say if I could limit myself to three cigarettes a day, one after each meal,  I would never quit.


Smoking is a tough one. When you  try to quit, you see those long butts someone has thrown away. You go thru the office or car ash trays for the longest butts when no one is looking. I would not bum a cigarette, I hated cigarette bums. We used to say “He quit buying, now he smokes OP’s (Other Peoples).”


Funny story, In the 1950 there was a terrible cigarette, the ‘Picayune’. Our Admin Officer was quitting.  He was one who quit buying. So one of the chiefs bought a pack of ‘Picayune’s’ And divided them between us. I smoked Marlboro's and I put a couple in my pack. He came by my office and used the same tactic every time, casual conversation, buddy buddy, then, “I am quitting, but could I have one of yours I am really easing off.”

Every time he lit up a Picayune, he would say ‘when you are quitting they taste terrible’. But he never quit as long as I could remember(but he saved a lot on buying them at fifteen cents a pack!)Steaming mad

After I quit I never minded when the only seats in a restaurant was in the smoking sections, I could sniff the smoke and remember. Flirt male

Drinking was easier, I knew Sherry was gonna kill me if I didn’t (fear works wonders too!) LOL

I say all that because one of my new years resolutions when I was smoking was, “I am Going to Quit Smoking!”

If you have a sneaking smoker, leave them alone.  As long as they are sneaking one it is not a pack a day.Winking smile

Nite Shipslog

New years resolutions are good. At least we are TRYING!

Shirl used to tell Jim, “I’m trying.”Be right back

He would say, “You sure are!”  Don't tell anyone smile



The service station after cleaning the windshield, “Would you like me to check the oil and water?”

I believe that lady is driving a 1952 Ford

BTW Louis ‘the expert’ said: ‘57 & 55 Ford with the hidden one a ‘53 Studebaker.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think I've only gained habits over there years and not quit any. Although I have a few good habits, I also have some that I could do without. I don't make any resolutions for the year, just set goals for each day. It's a whole lot easier that way. We woke up to another 9 degrees temp this morning.Glad you are enjoying your new place there.

Jackie said...

Old habits are hard to break; I'm glad that you conquered yours.
As you and Sherry are traveling, I do hope that you are having a grand time!

Paula said...

When John quit smoking he paid several hundred dollars to do so. He was told when he was plowing or driving the car and wanted to smoke to stop the tractor and get off to smoke or stop the car and get out to smoke. It made him put it off longer and longer until he did quit. He thinks he would be dead if he had not quit. I can't think of anything I have quit. No not perfect just can't remember. lol

shirl72 said...

My habit is going to the kitchen
and getting snacks. I need to hide
them from myself, maybe just not
buy them. I am not making any
resolutions I don't want to stress
myself trying to keep them.

Chatty Crone said...

How long have you quit smoking? My problem is eating and this year I am going to do something about it.

betty said...

I think most people who have the desire to quit smoking eventually do; it just takes some longer times than others and multiple attempts. I know my brother smoked for years; now has the occasional cigar with friends. And you are right, just because someone has an occasional cigarette, it sure is a lot better than smoking a pack or two a day! Of course though with the cost of cigarettes these days, who can afford to smoke?


Sheila Y said...

Rick smoked and planned to quit...when we moved into a house...when we had each child....he did cut down to six a day once, by taking a couple of puffs and putting it out until next time. But then he had a heart attack in '07, one stent, doctor said if you don't quit I'll be seeing you again in a few years...he quit with the help of Chantix... On the trip down this Christmas, he left later than us and after being stuck in traffic he called it a night and stopped at a hotel. Only rooms left were smoking...he said 'the room smelled bad, I never realized how bad smoking smelled'... I've left you with a book...ha. Take care, love from Bama still, Sheila

Rose said...

I stopped smoking in 2007. Terrible addiction and it was not easy to quit. I did it with the script "Chantix" which took 12 weeks.

For many years afterwards, I held a fake cigarette in my hand when having a glass a wine at home.

I smoked for 42 years! My doctor used to give me lectures and I truly never tried. Then all of my friends and family members stopped well before me and made me feel it was time to drop the nasty habit.

Elizabeth said...

Jim smoked for 50 years, with me begging him to stop the last 30. It took him not being able to breath to stop , he then quit cold turkey! He is in perfect health except for his lungs and they are very bad! I wish everyone knew how much damage they are doing when smoking.

Louis la Vache said...

You are correct: 1952 Ford!