Saturday, January 26, 2013

The power of social media, For good and Evil!

FB has caused a lot of problems in families lives and that of friends. I read of divorces, lovers break up, old friends cut each other. Even physical attacks, murders and suicides. WE MUST REMEMBER WHAT IS WRITTEN, IS READ BY  FAMILY AND  FRIENDS, AS WELL AS HUNDREDS OF OTHER FOLK WHO ARE GONNA JUDGE YOUR RESPONSE AND STATEMENTS.

100_1290 - Copy

(A friend, David Luke, I learned about his BD on FB. GOOD STUFF!)

The blood letting is because folks cannot accept other ideas or they are nasty to folks who try to be themselves. That is a funny statement in itself (not haha) . We all think we are being ourselves. I laugh when a young person thinks they are being ‘themselves’ and actually they are just reflecting their peers.


(We get to see Great Grand kids on FB, this is Stella)

But back to face book. I am there very seldom but I often am embarrassed about friends who CUT each other.  My friends mean more to me than that. I have friends who are Democrats, I mean died in the wool democrats. I would never hurt their feelings. They Know my stand, if they exhibit an opinion opposite mine, Okay, that is their opinion. (THEY ARE WRONG OF COURSE, BUT ONLY IGNORANT, NOT MEAN, LOL)

I hate it when I see personal vendettas start. One of my family or friends cutting another. NOTHING GOOD can come from it. That brings to mind my buddy Sonny.  He and I disagreed on a couple major things but it never got in the way of a GREAT friendship. We both agreed, ONCE words are said, all the apologizes in the world will not erase them.  You can forgive someone, but you cannot erase your memories.

ElsieMae NovemberElsieMae November30

(We get to see Elsie from Utah, Her grandma puts movies on FB also, FB can be great! (Of course that is BEN her Dad!))

I have never understood MEAN SPIRITED  people. Most mean spirited people don’t even know they are MEAN!  They are just being themselves.  Me? I have opinions on Gun Control, abortion, National Debt, welfare, SS, Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare, EVEN LOVE! You might not like them, but I do have them.

Candy2 from net!Candy from the net

(ON FB /Sherry can keep up with this beautiful niece  & her family up in the cold country, that is Candy & she is a grandma??)

I know something that I am comfortable with, and that is, my opinions are mine, of course they could be wrong, but I own them. Most come from up bringing, some come from honest study and logic of my own. I have apologized. Most times it isn’t even hard. I love my friends, and I would do nothing intentionally to hurt them. I have been misunderstood, but I tried not to get MAD.

(This is not an apology: I’m Sorry, but if you had not………… That is throwing another insult.)

(This IS an apology: I’m Sorry, I was wrong!!)

Anyway if I am ever stupid on FB, feel free to tell me.(In an e-mail, LOL)

Nite shipslog


A good friend, any friend deserves, at the least,  the benefit of a doubt.



I love seeing these old cars and service stations, they are like old friends, solid and real.


Louis la Vache said...

That's quite a collection of cars on that corner!
«Louis» wishes he could enlarge the photo enough to identify more of the cars in the image.

Back Porch Writer said...

Surprisingly family can be the ones that are most ugly on facebook. It's often used as a tool to get the angry hurt across, hiding behind the web pages and too afraid to step up to the plate and try to work it out. Of course that infuriates the situation. Facebook has caused a lot of issues but it brings forth a lot of good things too. I do feel like I cannot be myself on the blog where I try to open up and discuss my feelings. I agree that people often don't realize the effect they have on others by their words. We all think we are right. We all know how we feel. What's hard is knowing others feelings and intentions. I think the lack of communication causes that. And here I have left my own blog entry on yours. lol Have a great weekend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Words are sharper than a two edge sword they say. The words we say are powerful. I try to never waste a word and use only the best ones I can find. Love, Peace and hugs and smiles are so much better than hate or anger. folks need to wake up and enjoy life and try to make it better not worse. That's my opinion and I'm not afraid to say it. You know I do. Real friends never put a friend down, if anything they try to pick them up. You've never offended me. Blogging is my choice of media and that is probably is a good thing .

Rose said...

I know what you mean about FB. I don't go on there often because of it. I think they feel because they are hiding behind their computers they can say anything they want and even be vulgar too. Sad.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

betty said...

My gosh, the great grandkids are getting big (and so adorable!) FB is great to keep up with family and friends, but like everything, people need to remember their manners and to speak kindly to people there. Like blogging, I think people need to read what they are about to send out and then see if it is really what they want out there for all to see. I can't tell you how many times I write a comment, read it back and then delete it without sending it to someone's blog. We need to be less impulsive I think on FB and more loving :)

you've never said anything that offended me Jack; most of the time I'm agreeing with you :)


shirl72 said...

What a beautiful picture of Stella
and Utah Girl..Ben looks like a

I try not to hurt anyone. Life
is to short to be angry. If I do
I don't have a problem to say I'm
sorry. We are freezing. Hope you
are warmer.

Anonymous said...

Stella has class.

Jean said...

You have two beautiful little ladies there. Stella sure has grown. I do use FB to see picture's the kids and grandkids post and for a while played some games. I'm about to get out of all that I'm just playing farm town now and stay behind with it. Lol. Take care. Jean

Lucy said...

You said all I have been thinking about FB. I am guilty and she was forgiving. Now I seldom go in cause I will stick my foot in my mouth again.

Lucy said...

The grandkids are great. Still worry about my little Chris.

Jackie said...

I think FB can be a very dangerous thing...feelings get hurt so easily....and the cruel and unkind things (and just plain stooopid things) that are said are not always from the adolescents. A lot of them that I've read are from grown ups (supposedly 'grown'..)
The things that kids post (photos and words that they use) are unthinkable to me. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my children would NOT be on there saying those kinds of things. They would lose computers in the blink of an eye. Period!!
I strongly think we are related.

Dar said...

FB is a travesty for the most part...if it isn't kids and adults bashing one another, it's all politics and commercialism...hate it. The only time I pop in when my email shows me one of my GrandLoves has commented. They know to be respectful and they know relatives love them enough to check on them...the unfriending is Shirl said, life is too short to be angry and hurtful...
nuff said and what the book is looking you guys

Paula said...

Stella and Elsie are sooo adorable.

Ken Riches said...

The ignorant democrat statement was kind of cutting...

Sheila Y said...

Facebook can be a hot bed of mess...Some write things they shouldn't be putting on Facebook. You and Sherry have two cute little ladies there. Brrr from NC, Sheila

Chatty Crone said...

I am on Facebook, but not 'on' it much. I didn't know that it created so much havoc, but I'm not really surprised. I hate putting much out about myself. And I would never put out bad things about others. And I am a republican and my beloved sister is a democrat and I love her to death. You have to be accepting of others if you want them accepting to you.

And one thing I always think about - when some one has a mean spirit - why don't they see it and want to change???