Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mirror image

WE humans are very familiar with the mirror image. I remember the Fairy Tale of the (?) saying “Mirror Mirror on the Wall who is fairest of them all”.

There are some very expensive mirrors that do not give a mirror image, but the actual image other people see.  As you look in a mirror your left ear appears to be your right ear. No, I am not explaining it.  Just write your name on a piece of paper and look at it in the mirror as you look at yourself. It’s backwards, you are too, but you do not notice it, because it is a learned response.


Now that I have completely confused the issue, the reason I brought it up is my back up camera or rear view camera on the coach. On the monitor there is a switch a little bitty thing, that says, “True or Mirror Image”.  Once when installing it, I flipped it to true image. DO NOT EVER DO THAT, WE ARE NOT conditioned TO A TRUE IMAGE, IT IS CONFUSING!

SOOO I am DRIVING  down the road looking at my monitor, I see a car coming up on my right. Okay, then I glance in the mirror it is on the opposite side. Dangerous.

So next stop I took time to pull the unit (no easy task) and find that stinking little switch and put it on Mirror, like God created things.Smile

Being bald, I don’t have a problem of course, but I would bet the average person could not comb their hair in a true image presentation.

Okay, this subject wasn’t a great idea. I am sick of it, but when I write a blog entry it goes. good or bad… LOL

Thanks for coming this way, and think about it, I hate to waste your time.(Yeah I know I did anyway, I’m sorry).

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Sometimes we think.

(I remember a sign once that read:




At one time, there was a service station on every corner, now it is a drug store!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do think I got the drift of what you were saying. Sometimes things are really not as they seem to be. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one. Try to stay away from those mirrors.

betty said...

That would be scary with the mirror with driving; I can see why you would not want the true image for that! I tend to avoid mirrors these days, LOL, but I do get what you are saying with what we perceive and what we actually see :)

enjoy Wednesday!


Mevely317 said...

OK, I had to read this twice (some parts 3 times!) .... then excuse myself to make faces in the ladies’ room mirror.

I’m pretty sure my car’s rear-view doesn’t have options -- but I’m chuckling all the same: Can you just imagine the accident report, if a collision occurred because someone chose “true image”?

Elizabeth said...

That is very interesting,I watched a movie last night with Gene Hackmen trying to invent a mirror that would show true. I do not know the name of it and went to sleep before it ended, but anytime I find a movie with Gene Hackmen in it, I have to watch!

Lucy said...

I never really ever thought about this subject buit you Jack have made it interesting. I got rid of Chrome completely but it was a lot of work. Took computer down to factory image and has taken a while to get back what I want.

Chatty Crone said...

I didn't know that about the mirrors reversing things in a car. That would be dangerous. I do know the mirror reverses things though. What made you think of that???

Jackie said...

OK...I'm pondering this one, and you know that I'm gonna go and play in front of the mirror now!

~mel said...

So am I really a SKINNY person???? HA ~ that's the mirror I want to look into :)

shirl72 said...

I am about ready to remove some of
my mirrows. I look in one I look
OK. Then one makes me look my age.
Sometime I forget to look to see
what I look like. I guess mirrows
tell the truth. I try not to spend
to much looking.

Paula said...

Humm you always come up with something to think about. Sometime a mirror will tell me something I don't really want to know. lol Now I have to tell you this--- I had a friend who had a relative who had mirrors all over her house. Some quite large. I always wondered why, I'm nosey like that. Did she admire herself or did she just like mirrors? She was one to stay up very late and then sleep until about two in the afternoon and go to Luby's cafeteria to eat. When she passed they found hundreds of cloth napkins she had snitched from Luby's. This lady, Sylvia, fits into your last post, huh?

Anonymous said...

Of course, that is why the word AMBULANCE is written in a mirror image so that when you look in you rear view mirror you can read it plainly.
Mirror images explain why a person looks just a little different in a photograph than he looks to himself in a mirror.

Jackie said...

I'm back to say that I DREAMED about mirror images last night! I must have been thinking a lot about your post; I found it most interesting...