Monday, January 7, 2013

Smart folk

I admire smart folk. Not smart alecks, but intelligent witty folk. I will never forget a remark by a friend, Joe Carver. When I was building I used a great guy, Buck, to dig most of the footings with his back hoe. He and his wife Alice became our close friends. I was telling my son Mark about a trip to Germany with Buck ‘n Alice (Southern tawk), when Joe popped in, “That must have been a tough horse  that Bucking Alice.”  (Well it was funny at the time.)

I sometimes think of something cute or wise to say, an hour or week later. (duh)

Dad and Mom never kept a lot of money, most was returned to the church or my mama’s passion, Foreign Missions. When dad died there was $750 in a checking account. For you that do not know, financially, things get sticky after a death. Banks cover themselves legally.

The family thought it would be a good idea to close the joint account. Mama signed a blank check, Shirl and I, along with Jim (Shirl’s husband)  went to the local Bank of Belmont. One of us made the mistake of saying dad had passed away. Whoa, now some research is done whispers, cards pulled, etc.

“I am sorry,” the banker said, “I cannot cash this, Mrs. Darnell is not on the signature card, and it must be held until the Will is probated.” I got hot, Jim knew I was hot. He motioned for me to relax.

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(Jim & Shirl’s wedding picture)

Then he spoke to the banker, “No problem sir,  I am sure  the Gazette, Observer and banking customers, will find it interesting that YOUR Bank has been cashing checks for an unauthorized signature for over twenty years, have a good day, and he indicated we were leaving.

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(Jim & Shirl after they got old, (they never aged))

NOW IT WAS A BIG WHOA! the banker spoke, “Please wait for one minute, I think we can handle the situation here locally.”  he returned in less than a minute and counted out $750.  We left smiling, me slapping Jim on the back. You gotta admire some folk.

It does pay to remain calm in stressful situations, and at least ‘act’ smart. LOL

Thanks for coming by the log.

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A wise man knows how to speak loudly, while remaining silent. (actions speak louder than words)



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Jim’s BMW Winking smile Just one of the cars in his collection.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Funny how things will work out if you keep calm. I have to remind my self often that getting upset isn't going to do anyone any good least of all me. Wise thoughts for today. The sun has popped out here making it look a whole lot brighter. I was tired of all those shades of gray. Hope you both are having a great start to the week there at your place.

Chatty Crone said...

I totally agree to keep your cool. But I missed how he knew they were cashing checks unauthorized or was that just a threat? sandie

Jackie said...

Jim and Shirl were a beautiful couple...ageless.
I am so proud that Jim was such a smart fellow. Glad that he didn't let the bank get away with that one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that lesson.

Please have you all a good Tuesday.

shirl72 said...

That was so funny. Mother had
been writing check paying bills
ever since the account was opened.
They were not to strick back then when opening an account to get both
husband and wife on form. That
was so funny. Dad never signed a
check. Mother handled all business. We had no idea Mothers
had never signed the form. That
was the Banks responsibility.
Love the pictures.

I wish I had kept the 57 Isetta.
We could have put it in the basement. I think they are selling
good. Oh well 20/20 hind sight.
We did good....

Jimmy's Journal said...

I love it when someone with wit and know-how handles a bank or any other business that tries to bully someone. Neat Story, Jack


betty said...

I would have been the one getting hot under my collar and hubby would have been the one trying to figure out how to solve the problem like Jim did (it must be the name that solves crises, LOL, hubby's name is Jim)

Great pictures of Shirl and Jim; like Jackie said, ageless.

I think it was wonderful that your parents gave back their "treasures" to the church and to foreign missions. Imagine all the treasures they accumulated in heaven!


Jean said...

Shirl and Jim were a beautiful couple.We've been using the same bank for 50 years although it has changed owners about 4 times. I'm about ready to change. We don't have but five banks and a credit union here in this rich little town lol. Take care. Jean

Louis la Vache said...

Great story about the banker!

Re the Isetta - the reason it had an airplane engine in it is that is how BMW started - as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. The BMW emblem represents a spinning propeller.

Anonymous said...

Any one else's blog that said: The Love of God...I'd probably skip the entry...but you never push anything. I suspect you made a fine preacher.

Shirl looks very beautiful in that wedding pic.

I'm sorta glad I don't have to pump my own gas in Jersey.