Thursday, January 10, 2013

What’s next?

I enjoy writing, in the words of the real Jack Darnell, I’d write if no one read it. Jack has been featured on this blog a couple time, a reserved nice (OLD) guy from Coker Creek. His Publisher, Yvette (Y) comments here at times.  She has had him add an ‘H’ to his name so I won’t constantly get his customers (readers) on Amazon. He is now H Jack Darnell.  In my own defense, I have had one or two customers buy H Jacks books by mistake, but they did not regret the mistake.Winking smile


(Jack, Jack, and Charles (H. Jack’s Brother)

Once I get in the groove of writing my time has settled to the last hours of a day and the first hour or two of the morning.

One giant difference in myself and the real Jack is his history of writing. He has been a writer all his life, where I have only took to writing in the last few years.


I realized there was another Jack Darnell after I published a couple books and was searching for them on the net. I first thought I had written a couple books I didn’t know about, Smile.

Folks who know me know I (we) travel. So it was no stretch that we would take a trip to locate this guy with a great name Surprised smile. It was a dual purpose visit. We were beginning to renew our acquaintance with Fred Alton and his lovely wife Frances whom we had met in 1959 or so. F & F happened to live within 30 miles of Coker Creek, Tennessee.

We were able to contact ‘Y’ who set up the meeting at Jack’s house. A fascinating place, and a fascinating guy. We are different yet alike. I am rather loud, he is a quiet guy. He shy's away from modern conveniences (Power, inside plumbing and computers).  He lives close to nature. He has hundreds of note books filled with hand written data and ideas from over the years.

I am finishing a senior romance novel, the title has been decided ‘Finally Love’ (methinks). When you read it you will travel to Belize City.

I really think if Jack ever tried the word processer he would enjoy the convenience, he types his books on a manual Royal typewriter.jackdarnell111aa

(I am so mad, Most of my photo’s are gone due to my indiscriminate deleting from Picasa.)

Remember correction tape? Yeah Jack still uses it. I bought his latest book, ‘Winds of November’, and really enjoyed it. I had to travel to get a signed copy, but it is always a Pleasure to see Jack.

What’s next? I would love to trace our family lines to see if, and how much kin we are. Jack isn’t interested too much in his family history.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


Eyeglasses, a wonderful development for our sight, most folk can bring our viewing pleasure up to 20/20. Now, if someone could do that for our thinker!



Aw, the old turtle back Ford of the ‘40s and a Chrysler (late 40’s or early 50’s)

Gotta get where I can blow this up, methinks I see an antique RV’er!

tennesee 011

In another post I Mentioned the picture for the Love of God, this is one version without a light house. Seldom is a picture done the same.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congrats on the completion of your book. It must feel great to be finished. I remember when you went to visit the other Jack Darnell. I'm glad you like his work and have been able to meet him. I haven't read either of your books, but I'm thinking I shall have to. Thanks for the picture! I enjoy seeing your artwork. Got my AAA battery this morning with the 3 year warranty for $127, Now according to the repair man I can rock and roll.

Jackie said...

Amazing story on the Two Jacks. So glad that you traveled to meet him.
Thanks for sharing. :))
Warm smiles,

Chatty Crone said...

Once you a make a friend you keep them!

Well I want to read your new book and I know you will tell us how and when.

My sister did our geology - on my dad's side - we are half sisters - and she went really I mean really far back - but she is a genius!


BlueRidge Boomer said...

OMGoodness....there is two of you..!!
Congrats on finishing the book..i work with a ranger whose mother-n-law writes romance novels...

Jean said...

My son Carl started researching his family history some years back before Sheila and I started. We were lucky to find on my dad's side some cousin that had really been to work on it. One lives in Scottsboro, Al. and another that lives near Huston Texas. The one from Alabama we had the same G-G-Great grandfather and mother. Now how much kin would that make me and him? Lol. The one from Texas my grandfather was his great grandfather. My oldest sister said she didn’t want to know who all she was related to so we made sure we didn’t tell her!!! Take care. Jean

betty said...

I do like that painting, Jack; very nicely done! That is amazing the other Jack still types on a manual typewriter. I do remember correction tape. Makes you wonder how difficult it is for him to find it these days and if it will eventually be discontinued. Glad you did get to meet him and visit with him when you guys did!


~mel said...

I love your picture ~ and the message it relays. Also, remembering back to the day when you two Jacks met ... so HOW COOL IS THAT!! Plus the fact that you're both great authors!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I think it would be pretty cool too if a geneology was done on either side and you found out you were identical twins seperated at birth with different mothers and fathers and birthdates. hmmmm... that made no sense whatsoever

shirl72 said...

Hard to believe that H Jack is
typing on a manual typewriter.
I remember Dad's typewriter that he typed his outlines for his sermons. His was older than H Jacks.

Glad the book is about ready..
I forgot some of the names that
you tossed around.

We are having warm weather until Sunday.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis'» maternal grandparents had one of those "turtle back" Fords, a '47 six. The Mopar is a '47 or '48. They got a new body style in '49 that had a four-year cycle - another new body for '53.

Anonymous said...

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Fred Alton said...

Let me know when this new book is ready and/or send me one. Bill it to my daughter's mother, o.k.? Hahaha. I look forward to reading it. It's cool that you've met H. Jack. I have been meaning to go to Coker Creek one day while I'm out at the cabin for that purpose. You, my friend are a very specially gifted Jack L. Darnell...made better by your sweet wife, Sherry.

Ken Riches said...

Would be interesting to see what the family history connection is.