Monday, January 28, 2013

Things I did like or love (before old age)

roller ckates steel wheels

Roller skating on concrete side walks.

Target practicing with Rifles, BB’s to 30/30.

Shooting a slingshot and trying to use a ‘sling’.

Climbing trees and swimming in a creek.

Playing in a sawdust pile at a saw mill.

Horse-back riding and riding a dirt-bike.

Flying kites, making play boats in a stream, swimming and diving.


(Cloud pics from the net)

Making things, people, animals out of clouds, as they were slowly moved by the upper air streams.


Creating a tent out of any flat fabric, sheets, blankets or tarps.

Playing ‘cars’ with wooden blocks and good ‘car shaped rocks’.

I even liked hop-scotch, never could do jump rope well.

I liked to gather eggs and fill the mysterious half gallon watering jars for the chickens. (Why didn’t all that water run out?)

Many years ago I liked to chew rabbit tobacco, and smoke it in a corn cob pipe.

Scanoldphoto3 023

Coming home from the sea and standing on the flight deck, straining to find my girl in the crowd on the pier.


The ‘rewards’ after returning home from the sea. (YEAH!)

Seeing the flying fish sailing over the sea, following the curvatures of the waves.

The anticipation of a date and the memories afterward.

KK Doughnuts and also country ham (Of course still love them, but don’t eat them)

I was a little odd, I loved to march. I loved the monkey-drill, where you marched intricate patterns.

I must have liked re-capped tires, that was all we bought!

I never paid to see a stock car race in my life, but I loved to hear about them and see them in folks yards, I wanted one.

Curb Hops, drive in restaurants and movies.

I loved math class (wish I had been as crazy about English).

I loved about every job I have held.

If you can love an occupation, I loved building!

I have loved life, sometimes I like to think I could have done more, but all in all I think I reached as far as my education and abilities would allow.  I seldom look back and wish to change history.

I hope this causes you to think. There are things we all have done, but seldom do anymore. Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


(Things I like) I think the only thing that raised some eye brows was a slice of cheese on my banana sandwich.

(BUT now I must try tomato on my grilled cheese.)




I want to think this is a Ford hot rod but those look like Chevy wheels.

Funny the Pure Oil sign had a circular sign with jagged edges, sorta matching the teeth on the hot rod.


Jackie said...

Interesting list of loves....and they fit you perfectly.
You sound like such a nice gentleman...and I'm glad we met on blogger. I can't quite remember how I found your blog, but so glad that I did.
Regarding 'looking back,' I think that you have done a great deal of "wondeffuls" with your life...and have much more to give. Continued happiness to you...(even though you love cheese on your banana sandwiches!) You go, guy!

Jackie said...

*wonderfuls* (apparently, I kant spel!) :)

Dar said...

We share so many of those likes and loves, and most from the last entry list banana/Miracle Whip sandwiches, and MW with Colby Cheese and Raspberry Jelly. Yum. I loved walking through the muck in the creek, catching frogs,(still do that for the GrandLoves at our creek), picking wild raspberries and black cherries, and I will always love gardening. You and Sherry have had a wonderful life and I love reading about it.
BlessYourDay from UpHereInTheSnow

Chatty Crone said...

Jack I kind of think you loved everything you did - that is part of who you are.

Believe it or not when I was younger I went roller skating every weekend.

I used to play outside by the creek - I called it white mountain - ???

Do kids play outside anymore except for organized sports? My own included.


Mevely317 said...

Yep, these are provoking! (In a GOOD way, that is!)
I could identify with more than a few .. but then, as a kid, I wanted to be Davy Crockett when I grew up - lol!

Fred Alton said...

Hey Jack! Just got caught up with reading your blog posts for several days. I love most of the things you loved - and think your BEST idea was to have our political leaders all go fly a kite, and solve some problems! Hahahahaha!!!

shirl72 said...

I loved to roller skate. My piano
was at a window and every time it
was time for me to practice every body would be on the sidewalk
roller skating. I love my volunteer job. I am on the waiting
list to greet Service Boys returning from the war. Love TV
and as I said on your last blog I love shopping. Did love yard work
but with age that is changing. haha

Paula said...

Some good thinking and remembering here. I especially loved to skate at Fatty Barrera's when he wasn't using his cement slab for Mexican holiday celebration.

betty said...

Rabbit tobacco; that's something I don't think would be on my like list to do. But everything else with play is a good thing that kids these days need to do a lot more of (and get themselves out of the house and away from the TV). It is neat too that you have loved almost every job you have; that is an accomplishment in one's life indeed!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your list of likes/loves is a good one. Says so much about what your past was like too. We used to get recap tires. I don't think they make them anymore. The snow is melting here and it a rainy day. Then by the weekend we'll nose dive back below freezing and have some more snow. Really have had a lot of ups and downs here this winter. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!