Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Decorations



I do not know anyone who doesn’t like Christmas decorations.  Some folk like to decorate and some of us enjoy looking.

Old people cannot help it, we think back to earlier times when, we say, life was simple. I remember the Christmas Wreath made with grape vines, pine or cedar boughs, the more decorative ones had some pine cones, holly leaves and red berries. Most had a red bow. That was the daylight decoration and it hung on the door or a porch post.


But the biggest and best Christmas Decoration was the TREE. Around DEC 1st sometimes dad would let me go with him when he selected the church tree and our house tree. He made the stands for both and set them up. The size of the house tree was determined by how much room we could spare for a month.


Decorating it was fun. We would get one or two additional trimmings each year, none were thrown away including the icicles.  It was fun to walk around the block and look at everyone’s Christmas Tree. They were mostly displayed by a front window by the proud families.

Sometime during my childhood some folk choose to have all blue or red lights, I sorta liked that. Of course the most popular was always the assorted colors.


I do remember seeing my first outdoor tree decorated in about 1952, It amazed me and it was beautiful.

Somewhere along the line folks got more money and  got into a friendly competition of who could out Christmas who.  It was all beautiful, but I still liked the single Christmas tree by the window.

McAdenville, NC is known as Christmas Town USA. McAdenville is an Old Mill Village town. There is mainly one street that winds down a BIG Hill through the small town and Up another hill, then out to a Thoroughfare. The Mill pays everyone’s electric bill that month if they decorate. So it has grown so much that a steady line of traffic is through town from around Dec 1st until New Years. I have always wondered how those folks in town endured the traffic. If you left your home to go to the Grocery store 2 miles away you would be gone a minimum of 3 hours.

The decorations are great, but it is a slow trip for a hurried generation.

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Decorating is a very BIG part of Christmas, it is the happiest time of the year.




Chatty Crone said...

I liked your post today. I love Christmas decorations - when you can slow down and emjoy them. So many times we are rushing thru to see the decorations and people get stressed and so forth. Time is love.



I LOVE Christmas decorations and don't mind taking the time to enjoy them.

Paula said...

I don't remember us having a Christmas tree until we moved into town, We had bubble lights on that tree, remember them?

betty said...

Another great post of your memories, Jack. It must have been a fun adventure to go with your dad to find the trees! How neat that the company paid electric bills for people with decorating! There is a street here (actually its kind of like a circle the way the street goes) that is known as Christmas Circle here for 2 weeks at Christmastime. All the houses are decorated and of course lots of people come for miles to see the lights. Hubby was out and about last night and forgot the streets that feed into the circle. Took him about 25 minutes to cover a 1-2 block radius and he wasn't even close to the circle, but about 3 blocks away. We usually drive it early in the evening on a weekday and its not too bad :)


Jean said...

I like the Christmas decoration but not many people decorate here in our small town. I have my tree up and keep the lights shining day and night, ha. I would like to do more just don't have the room when the children get here.

Louis la Vache said...

Hey now!
«Louis» likes that Bentley sleigh!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do like white lights on a tree reminding you of snow glistening but my favorite is the multicolored ones. We used to go out for an evening of riding around to see the lights. It is a great memory of Christmas past.

shirl72 said...

Love to see the Christmas lights.
In the past I decorated big, but
have downsized..I have my shopping
competed so now I can sit back
relax and enjoy everybody else
hustling. Merry Christmas