Wednesday, December 18, 2013

President Nixon was a crook

I believe it was proven he was aware of much of the underhanded things his ‘underlings’ were doing. His ‘people’ had to break and enter to steal info on the opposing party. They got caught because they had to be physically in the building to steal the info.
As far as I know there is nothing in my house much different than yours. No secrets that would shatter our family nor others.  But what each of us have in our houses is no one’s business unless we allow them to enter and go thru our closets and files.
Have you ever been the victim of burglars?  We have. The first one: clothes were thrown out of the drawers, Sherry’s underwear was scattered. A dollar bill her mom had handed her the day she died and her high school ring were stolen. Sherry stated how we both felt, she felt violated, someone had invaded her (our) privacy.
Another time We lost a big piggy bank that was almost full and ready to kill.  You feel sick because we usually divide the contents between the grandkids. You are sick because you have no idea how much was taken, many bills had also been slid thru that little slot for the kids. Not a fortune, but it was ours, private, inside our locked house.
I have lost my small gun collection and Sherry lost another collection of change, again destined for the grand kids.
Anyone entering your space is violating your privacy.Now we have the FBI and NSA doing it with impunity on a wholesale basis. Now they are proving on one investigation that your ‘skype’ or camera on your computer can be turned on inside your house without you knowing it, they can even suppress the little light that says it is active. Say your monitor is in your bed room!  Say your laptop is left open during your private conversations, this has been and is being done by our government.
I AM NOT JUST PICKING ON THE PRESENT administration, the act was signed by President Bush. The practice was going on long before the act was a SECRET LAW.
Right now as you read this, someone is scanning millions of emails, blogs, private messages, Business deals, Private corporate memos. If you happen to use the wrong buzz word, YOURs will be scanned. Is this my governments business?NO, Not in my opinion. And we are very naïve to think ‘SOMEONE’ who is less than honest, WILL NOT USE THE INFORMATION FOR POLITICAL OR FINANCIAL GAIN. What about blackmail?  Even these folks with Top Secret Clearances can be tempted.
Now was Nixon a more depraved man than, JFK, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton or Obama?  We know some presidents have had moral failures. With so much information at their finger tips to aid in a personal agenda, COULD they be TEMPTED to use is as Nixon planned? Possibly, humans are human as they say.
Your local or state police CANNOT stop any car going thru town and search it JUST IN CASE someone might have something illegal, the law says they must have PROBABLE CAUSE to do that.
I have no problem with wire taps computer spying on someone who is SUSPECT, and there is reasonable cause to think they plan to harm the USA.
But my government has been looking at OUR bank accounts, charge accounts, savings accounts, the places you shop what you buy, where you go. Millions of files on ordinary citizens, at one time we accused Russia of that. Now we find our own government has been doing it for years.
Well I don’t like it. and I have taken near 700 words to say it. I have nothing to hide, but that is not the point.
Sorry to YELL. 
Nite Shipslog
Shucks,  even if no money is there, ladies don’t want someone going thru their purse, (do you?).
Chrysler Cordoba ‘82(?) Who was the actor they used in the commercials?


jack69 said...

We already have Mr. Snowden to prove this stuff cannot be kept secret. At present I have not in my mind branded him a crook or hero, still waiting for my mind to be made up.

Money talks they say, If many people can find a chance to make a once in a life time deal as they read corporate notes, someone is going to take advantage of it. You can bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Good post.
(Since you mentioned Snowden, that will probably trigger some NSA flag.)
I can't help liking Snowden and being grateful that he jumpstarted this dialogue.

bonnie k. (that's bonnie knox in case you NSA guys were wondering :-p )

Jean said...

Jack I'm afraid to comment they maybe reading your blog, but you are so right. I don't watch the news much anymore. We have had something took from us a long time ago without our permission, but we knew who done it. I'm just hoping that now our bad dog Millie will keep us protected, lol. You and Sherry take care. Jean


Years ago some of my jewelry charms were taken from my drawer. They were treasures from my hubby I can't replace.

Chatty Crone said...

Remember Big Brother in G. Orwell's 1984?

I have heard at big sport events that as you enter they take a photo of your eye ball and run it thru a computer check.

Don't know if it is true or not, but I wouldn't be surprised at anything.


Paula said...

Now you tell me this when I have just got Skype and I don't even know how to use it. I agree it isn't right and it's scary. I know the feeling of having your house broken into and your good stuff taken that you worked hard for. We stayed up all night, couldn't believe someone would do that but why would we not think they wouldn't when everyone had burglar bars on their windows. After that we had them too.

Glenda said...

It is scary where we are with all this invasion of privacy, just recently I purchased a life insurance policy and wanted to name my sister beneficiary. Actually had her give me the last four digits of her social verbally [on a landline]and text me the other five, as the cell phone intervention leaves me cold.
Have had two break-ins and agree with Sherry, it's creepy & frightening to know some jerk has gone through your personal belongings, including the lingerie. Bottom line, it ain't the good ole days anymore, and that's so sad!
As always, a thought provoking post.

betty said...

That had to be a hard thing to deal with to have had a robbery like you and Sherry did, Jack, and to lose those things. I too would have felt violated. I've had my car broken into one time, but that doesn't compare to a house where you thing you should feel safe.

I guess it is a good reminder to us to make sure what we write on our blogs because we don't know who is reading them. I use to think they were just anonymous people reading who might not want to comment, but it could also include government people wanting to collect data on us.

I do know, based on experience, that the police would be very liberal in their definition of probable cause when they would pull son over when he was driving his 1993 Cadillac. The reasons they had sounded legitimate, but would they have pulled me over in my Olds van for the same reason, probably not.

Interesting thing about the government looking at our personal stuff like bank records, etc. I wonder if they are doing the same with our health records, though there are laws (HIPAA) with who is authorized to access such records. Maybe we need to establish similar laws for other personal data.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We've had the garage broken into and tools stolen and one time the battery out of the car was taken. My front porch furniture was stolen once too and I replaced it with the swing that now hangs there. Not so easy to steal for sure. I guess I don't care who sees my into as I've nothing to hide. The problem to me lies in the wrong person stealing my info.

Louis la Vache said...

The Drudge Report has a link this morning to how the NSA is manipulating the balances in some checking accounts. PJ Media has a story about how Obama regime's links to the Mexican drug cartels involved a LOT more than the guns they were running into Mexico. There is nothing this administration won't do when it comes to illegality. They make Nixon look like a saint in comparison.

Ricardo Montalban was featured in the Chrysler Cordoba ads.

salemslot9 said...

my brother stole from me
many years ago
I never saw him, again
he took music cds
that he could pawn
to buy cocaine
he took money
out of my purse
he took silver dollars
& half dollars
saved in a small tin
some were old
given to me when I was born
he even took beer cans
from my refrigerator

never touch a woman's purse
without her permission