Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A few more missteps of a delinquent

(Pictures Movies of 1955)


(  5 Guns West)

I was commenting to Sherry that the world has gotten meaner in the past 50 years. General motors ignition switch had 3 positions “On-Off- Lock”. In the off position you did not need a key, just turn it and the car was ready to start. Most cars were sitting at folks houses or work with the key in the ignition or in the ‘Off’ position. VERY FEW PEOPLE LOCKED THEIR CARS.


Funny incident: I was used to walking a lot. I drove Down town and parked in front of the drug store.  Went in and got an ice cream and walked home eating the ice cream. When I got home I wondered for a few seconds where my car was, then I realized it was down town. Of course I didn’t tell anyone.  What foolish person walks by their car and walks home???


  Date nights, Tony’s Ice Cream Parlor, Creamland, Dairy Queen, the Airport to watch planes land, Saturday rides into the mountains, BBQ King, Putt Putt, Out in the woods, down by the river, oh, and there was the Star Castle. Like a drive in movie, but the entertainment was Kilgo, the local Rock & Roll Disk Jockey who would spin the records by request while we sat in the cars and smooched. We ordered via Curb Service.


(Seven Year Itch)

I hadn’t quit school yet because my parents would not allow me to,  even though I planned to join the USMC at 17. Then I learned a friend of mine had joined the USMC under age, so I started working on plans to get in early.


I used Clorox to carefully blot out the year on my birth certificate, and took a green pencil to rebuild the no-erase background pattern. Using  Sherry’s typewriter I changed the year. Then I crumpled it up good stomped on the wad (aging it) then I used Sherry’s iron to Iron it back pretty flat, and had it photocopied. PERFECT!

So I started the process.  QUIT SCHOOL! Took all the tests, passed the physical, got the ‘100’ shots (it seemed) and headed with my buddy Sam to Raleigh to be sworn into the Corps. We were in the swearing-in room. All ready to raise our hands when I was called outside. A gentleman in a suit presented his SBI badge and said, “Son you are in trouble.”


He listed a group of laws I had broken, the years I was going to get, etc. Then said, “I have talked to the commander here, he doesn’t want you to get into any more trouble. He says if you come back the day you are 17 with parents permission, they will forget this ever happened.”  Of course I agreed (scared to death) he gave me a bus ticket home. That was a long ride back, when I had to tell my parents, Sherry and friends why I was not at Parris Island with Sam.

Coming home with my tail between my legs after all my BIG talk. I says to myself, “Boy you got a big mouth!”

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Tomorrow ‘BACK to school’,  then the WRECK.


I saw this ‘34 hot rod in the park today.


The last shot is from his Garage (trailer)


shirl72 said...

Brother I cannot believe that, you
may be telling to much. If Mother
knew that Dad would have helped
you not to be able to sit for a week. I hope you have a new Birth Certificate. I am glad the men
in charge knew how to deal with a
16 year old. And to think you
were into 3 branches of service
and retired from the Navy. Lord
have mercy on my Brother he is a good boy. Amen.

Paula said...

Well if Shirl says so I'll believe it. You really wanted in the service badly, didn't you? Good entry as always.


Things happen for a reason so this meant you were supposed to wait. And in the end it all worked out.

Chatty Crone said...

My goodness Jack you were a naughty boy. So did you stay in for life?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's hard to believe in this day and age anyone going through those extremes to join the Marines. I know you did eventually get there. You were blessed not to have wound up in big trouble. Nice to see the sunshine there in you park today! Still cold and white here in Ohio

Jackie said...

Daddy joined the Navy before he was "of age"... Amazing and interesting to see and hear about so many young men joining/trying to join the service in the 1940's before they were old enough to do so.
I'm so proud of all of you.
Your heart was in the right place when you tried to get in early, Jack. I'm glad that you didn't get into trouble for your efforts.
Sending you smiles,

Jean said...

Jack you be funny! lol. I'm glad you didn't get in to too much trouble you made it and serve your time well in service. I'm sure I could tell some mean things that happen when I was growing up, but I'll stay quiet, ha. I hope you're staying dry down your way. Take care. Jean

betty said...

How clever you were trying to doctor your birth certificate to a different year! Hoping you didn't have to get any more shots once you finally enlisted for real!


Dar said...

I'm just glad you didn't get a tanning for your mischief...what a wise-acre you were...and what I'm particularly proud of, is knowing another serviceman who loves his country so loudly like you do. THANK YOU FOR SERVING, JACK.

another proud boy hauls his hot rod around with him. I guess I'd too.

Love you both from knee-deep to sunshine