Thursday, March 27, 2014

BOOM! or was it BANG!?!

A couple days ago Sherry and I heard a BOOM! A tire on another motor home blew out. Later the owner asked if I had a gauge so he could check the rest of his tires?  He is a friend from NC, so I went over and lowered the pressure to what the coach called for.  The tires were 5 years old.


For information, most tires on motor homes do not wear out, they Blow out. We drivers are supposed to KNOW when a tire gets around 5 years old it is very susceptible  to a blow out, mostly because of weather cracking, rather than wear. But the ‘MAN’ in us says hey, there is 1/2” of tread left, why buy new ones. (I AM VERY GUILTY OF LOOKING AT TREAD, NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO AGE!)

SOOOOO before leaving the RV park, I checked our tires. One needed 10 pounds. So I thought, I will add air when we get fuel. Later driving up the road, I thought, ‘I won’t get fuel for 600 miles’. So I pulled into a rest area near Ocala,  and added air. This Coach has it’s own compressor, which is nice.

I checked all the other tires and they were good. Back on the road. Driving  I have nothing to do but keep it between the ditches and think. So I am thinking, ‘Did I check my tow vehicles connections?’ So I pulled into the next rest area and again went around the coach. One rear tire looked slack.

I checked the air, ZERO pressure! So I wanted to check if it was blown out or the air had just ‘leaked out, nail, etc’.  I tried, but since I cannot hear I could not tell if it was ‘taking air’. It is an inside dual tire and I was under the coach with my face against the tire trying to hear.

So I had to get my EARS (Sherry). I explained to her what to look for and I crawled under the coach again an she fed the air. I asked her if she had a reading, ‘yes a 5’. That is 50 lbs pressure. So I said ‘good she is holding air’, we need at least 90 lbs. So, me under Sherry continued to add air.

She tries to tell me something and I could not understand, so I crawled out. And she said, “I hear something like gravel rattling.” Now you have to be in my head to imagine how fast I thought. In a Micro second I was on the Appalachian Trail picking Black berries to snack on, when my sweetheart again says, “Get out of there, I hear something rattling!”  So I eased backwards looking intently and spotted the biggest Rattler I had ever seen. It was as big in girth as a soft ball.”



Just as my thoughts finished we were both rattled by a HUGE BOOM/BANG! The tire BLEW! I was peppered with bits of tire and Sherry was sorta moved backward with the explosion, but being out from under the coach saved my life or at the least my eyes and what is left of my ears, plus cuts and bruises from the steel belts as she blew. It was like standing beside a 1/4th stick of dynamite (nearly).

What she had heard was the fabric of the tire tearing as it was giving way.


Since it was an inside dual tire, the front tire protected us. My sweetheart says, “We could have really gotten hurt, couldn’t we?”

“Yes,” I said knowing full well men have been killed when truck tires blow.

“Thank God, for His protection,” the first words out of my Girls mouth, and she is right as always.

I give her credit, she in turn Gives God credit.

But we are okay. Road Service brought a new tire out. While he was coming, I dug out my records, HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG SINCE WE BOUGHT TIRES? Our tires on the rear ARE seven years old.  I should have known better. So just as soon as possible the other three will be replaced.

Didn’t meant to be so long,

Nite Shipslog


I am happy after a near miss. I try not to continue to say, “What if?”  That can ruin the rest of the day.




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Elizabeth said...

Yes,thank god for his protection! Pray you have safe travels north. We are actually traveling south tomorrow for the weekend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank the dear Lord that you are both fine and no harm done to either of you. I too will be praying your make it safely home and those tires wait until they can be replace. No more blowouts allowed. It's wonderful that Sherry has excellent hearing and can help you out. I have always felt the two of you make a great team!

shirl72 said...

God is good and I am glad you both
are safe. Hope the rest of your
trip home will be safe. The tire looks scary.

WOW picking up that many pecans
are you going to start selling?
Hee hee Hurry on home.

Jackie said...

What an amazing so many ways.
First of all, I am thankful that you both are OK. Thank you to our Lord for what I consider Divine intervention that kept you both from getting hurt.
Next, I am amazed at what a great team you are. You are indeed sweethearts.
Tires can be dangerous when they blow. I have learned (from wisdom from my husband) that when we are traveling on the interstate and we come alongside a semi truck, that we don't stay near its rear tires for ANY length of time. As it is safe to do so, we get on around that back tire. When those things blow, they can kill/injure those in vehicles right beside them.
Again, I am so thankful that you both are safe.
Continued safe travels and blessings to you and to Sherry.
Love and hugs to you both,

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Possible flurries the beginning of next may want to enjoy that Florida sunshine for another week,,,,

Anonymous said...

Glad you were safe. Sherry is right; thank God for His protection.
You are so blessed to be able to not dwell on the "what ifs." Maybe you can teach me how you do that. :-)

bonnie k.

Paula said...

So glad you are both okay. A man at our church got hurt just this way a few years ago. John drives on a wing and a prayer as far as tires go. I would hate to drive around the country in an Rv with him.

betty said...

It is amazing how God worked in all of this with the tire of your friend's blowing out before you starting your trip, so that gave you more cause to check your tires and be concerned about them and how you were at the rest stop instead of actually driving when it happened and how you were close enough to it to get minor injuries but not serious ones. God's intervention was all around you and Sherry and I too thank him for it! I bet you won't rest easy until the other tires are replaced.

be safe out there!



Glad no one got hurt. That was a close call on two fronts. The rattler and the tire.

Woody said...

God works in mysterious ways, so glad you are both OK!!!! Truck or RV tires are dangerous, I remember the old split ring truck tires, investigated several accidents involving these things popping off and hitting the mechanic!! Glad your both OK!!!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - God does give us miracles when we least expect them - glad he worked through Sherry's ears to you!

Dar said...

And what a blessing was bestowed upon you both...close call with those duelies...mercy,man! So glad all is well again.
I've been following your life story and absolutely am impressed at your memories. I can't remember yesterday lately, so age is edging in on me, I reckon.
God is Good to us all.

Sheila Y said...

Wow scary! Glad you are both okay! Praying for safe travels the rest of the way. Take care, Sheila

Mevely317 said...

Oh wow, Jack .... my arm's goosebumps have goosbumps on them!!! Thank God for Sherry's hearing, and His providence!

PS - I doubt I'd ever have the moxie to drive an RV, but I'm paranoid about the possibility to a blow-out. Always afraid I'd lose control and kill myself or someone else.