Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sherry with out Jack Again..

Sherry, back in Belmont, she had decided since I would be gone ‘only’ 6 weeks, she would help Lennie with her two children and be a live in baby sitter. Her older sister Lennie was like a second mama to Sherry and the kids (Brenda and Mark) were  like ‘hers’.

Scanoldpic8 026

(Taken at Von Dale’s house, My first job in building was installing that ceiling tile you see over head!)

To her it seemed she had been gone from Belmont for a long time, but it was less than a year.  She reconnected with old school and church friends. 
Scanoldpic8 032

(Taken in Elmer and Lennie’s yard, She sent me this picture)

She also spent a lot of time writing letters to Her JACK and mailing them to  an APO address in NY.  That was the mail distribution for the military. I have no idea how they kept up with every one.

All was well in Belmont, she had her driver’s license that she had earned in Jacksonville, NC, and I was reminded by Paula’s speeding ticket (down in Texas) that SHERRY WAS A SPEED DEMON.  I always told her if she saw a car a mile ahead something in her mind said “Catch that sucker and pass him.”  I sorta say that in disgust, that girl is a very good driver and lucky as an Irishman finding a  leprechaun, with a pot-o-gold when it comes to tickets. SHE HAS NEVER HAD ONE!


Oh I will tell you this and it is the TRUTH, she was stopped once when driving at the War College in Norfolk. She was pulled over for driving 12mph in a 10mph speed zone. She got only a warning!


Our Anniversary came, Sept. 22 1957, It was a Sunday. Sherry and our good friend Martha Carver ate dinner with my mama and daddy. It wasn’t long until………………………………

SHERRY GOT THE BAD NEWS….. The 6 weeks has been extended, no specific time! 

So  to fill her time and save some money, she applied for and got her old job back with no problem. She was regular in church and at writing letters to Corporal Darnell. 

There was a problem in the middle east then, and NATO thought it would be good to hold part of the task force back in case we were needed.

Thus an introduction to a part of life in the military that one must learn to live with, FLEXABILITY. For someone whose life had been sorta regimented and in order all her life, she adapted very well.  This girl has made life good no matter where we were.

So she began a long wait and see when Jack would be home. BUT one thing she knew, I was due for discharge mid January!

So, Life in Belmont went on.

Nite Shipslog


The molding into the military life well, did not stop the tears on some lonely nights on both ends of the separation.

Paula eluded to that in a comment about, Military separations, that they are at times worse on the waiting families than the service member. She is right! You folks who waited are troopers.



The up coming 1958 cars


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Unlike you two, I waited till my hubby was out of the service before we got married but still I waited. When he finally got discharged we got married. It isn't easy at all but it looks like Sherry kept busy and that makes the time go a little faster.

Lucy said...

I have had a hard time keeping up because I felt so lousy, but I love this story of your life.

shirl72 said...

Brother you got a darn good memory.
You both have had a busy life.
Sherry is a trooper and will adjust to changing situations.

The red car look like a Studebaker
but is a Packard.

We are having rain and may turn of the week.

Chatty Crone said...

The story of your life - is very plain to see - that you are indeed in love and have had a wonderful life.

betty said...

It was good that Sherry went back to Belmont with familiarity and friends/family to wait out the wait while you were gone. The whole thing of waiting while a loved one is gone serving is a hard thing, I am sure, but being in an area where you might not know a lot of people would be harder, I think, than at least being in places you are used to surrounded by people that can help encourage you when times of waiting seem long and never ending.



WAITING is hard, indeed. I'm glad your wife found something to occupy her time.

Paula said...

Sherry's hair is pretty in the pictures and I like the old fridge. Looks like you did a good job on the ceiling tiles. Oh and did I see a can of Pet milk? Or was I dreaming?

Dar said...

I do recall keeping busy was the key to getting through some of the 'missing.' That fridg reminds me of the one my Grandma O had in her little apt. the final days of her life. It always had cold milk and next to it, cookies in the cookie jar.
Still enjoying your journey

Jean said...

I enjoy reading your journey. I can remember the times back in the mid 50's when Grover was in the army. I wish we could live now on the allotment that I got $157.00 (I think), we had two kids at that time. Take care, Jean