Monday, March 24, 2014

The Second and Third Phone calls


Following the first  phone call, I was sitting there dumbstruck, The pastors wife asks, “What did they say?”

“We have a little girl.”

“When can you see her?”

“I don’t know.”


After a little while the phone rank and the pastor answered. He handed the phone to me, “Hello.”

“Jack, this is Donna, You hung up before I could tell you it was a joke. I am sorry, We all thought it was a cute idea, Hope every thing comes out all right in the end.”

“Aww, I knew it was a joke,” I lied, on top of writing in the Bible. this becoming a daddy is tough on the mind, “Thanks anyway for calling back.”

We all sat around laughing, everyone poking fun at me for getting the air let out of my sails.  Sherry’s mama did not like in the least, but kept it to herself.  It was getting awfully late, near 10 PM two hours until my entry in the Bible becomes a lie.  11 PM the phone rings, it is for me, “Darnell here.”

PHONE CALL #3….WE500-1

“Congratulations Airman Darnell you have a fine healthy boy, 7lbs 13 oz, born at 10:30 Central Standard Time. Your wife is a little tired but fine you can come over.”

“YEAH! WE HAVE A BOY!” I was almost dancing.  Thanks you  Lord, I had an hour and a half to go before September 1st!

Ah, a son and he was perfect.  Sherry loved his hands, He has your hands she said……


(This is actually Jackie Jr’s Granddaughter’s hand, life moves on doesn’t i?)

Life was good!!!!!!

You parents remember the first one? When they cry,  you change them, try to give them a breast or bottle and they won’t take it.  You walk them put them over your shoulder and pat them on the back, you are afraid you are going to miss some sign and they will die. What a heart rending experience.

WE finally gave in and it was a good thing we did, he had an infection at the umbilical cord. They kept him in the hospital for a few days giving antibiotics to clear it up. Then life got better.(These facts Sherry remembers vividly, I have to ask her. She is the one with the detailed memory)

Scanoldpic9 046 - Copy

NOW when the baby is laughing, smiling and they cuddle, life cannot be better. Susie was there to help and show how to take care of the new born. After a bath, and he was covered in baby powder and he was lying there cooing smiling and trying to fly with the arms and legs going. I thought for awhile Jackie thought he was a misplaced bird. But I wanted to squeeze him to pieces.

After a couple weeks, my mama & Daddy came down to see their latest Grand kid and give Susie a ride back to NC.  Our parents were wonderful, advice and help at a time like that is very important.

We were left to our own methods, we are now a family of three. Jack Jr. was the perfect son. WE WERE two very proud young parents. It was 1958 and we were 19 & 20 years old.

Thanks for stopping by the log.

Nite Shipslog


We went on leave, taking our new son back to Belmont to meet the rest of the family.  While there we saw a small used 28’ trailer for sale. 



Some 1959 cars


Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» has to stop by and read the latest chapter on the adventures of Sherry and Jack! Always enjoyable!

Those grotesque fins on that '59 Cadillac have become an icon of American cars of the late 1950s...

betty said...

Thank God that he makes newborns pretty darn strong because I know all parents struggle wondering how to take care of them. First kids are great teachers for their parents, the later kids have it much easier since the parents by then are pros!

Great stories shared!


Jackie said...

I'm with Sherry's Mom. I wouldn't have liked the joking phone call either.
But...I do love the way you tell a story, Jack. It's a natural for you. And I thank you for sharing that talent with me.

shirl72 said...

I don't think that is the time to play a joke on couples waiting for their first born. JJ is a handsome boy and I might say a genius.

Chatty Crone said...

What a beautiful story I hope your son reads it.

When we brought Ricky home - my whole life flashed before me. I remember thinking of my gosh how is he ever going to learn to walk, talk, and go to school - I panicked! But it all worked out.


I do not think joking around about such things is a good idea. But I'm glad you got the facts straight eventually.

Paula said...

I agree with the others, not a good joke when Sherry was at the hospital and you were home not knowing what was going on.

Anonymous said...

I must have a mean streak because I think the joke was hilarious.
Besides, all's well that ends well. Nineteen seems young to be a dad, but I daresay you were more grown up than a lot of nineteen year olds these days.

bonnie k.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and it was really great that he made it in time to fit the entry you had already written in the Bible.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad it all turned out well and you got your boy. I've heard of positive thinkers making things work out before but that tops the cake! I still remember holding my first and each one after that two. There is nothing much that gives me much more pleasure than holding a little one. Thankfully I've had the chance to hold many. The 21st grand child is due in August this year!

~mel said...

Those newborn babies ~ I can just INHALE them!!!!