Monday, March 10, 2014

Whoa, we have a trailer

We were married in September and moved into a trailer in October.  I am not sure how it worked, but Dal and Marion go married just a little after us and he brought Marian down.  They also got a trailer and with probably 400 trailers in the park we bordered on the same parking lot, about 100 yards apart.

Sherry and I weren’t planning a family right away but in a month or so, Dallas is beaming, I’m gonna be a daddy!  They were both so happy but we aren’t ready to be mama and daddy yet, we were gonna to enjoy our little love nest.

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(Corporals Fletcher and Darnell and their loves!)

At last we weren’t sitting in the barracks talking about our girls, we had them with us. Walking in the evenings making plans, talking about the future dreaming of success and love forever. We made trips to the beach, which wasn’t far away, we done some picnicing. There was a creek bordering the park.  We even tried to fish in that brown water. Looking at that brown water brought up subjects of ‘back home’.


He and Marian talked about Pennsylvania and the beautiful  Susquehanna river.  The Apple orchards and farm land.  The Amish country. They made it sound so inviting. I had no idea that PA was so rural. For some reason I thought everything above Virginia was CITIES. Once I visited up there, I realized Dallas was as much of a hick as I was. LOL


Young pregnancy, of course no one knew if Marion was having a boy or girl, but we were all anxious. She finally did give birth to a beautiful baby girl, naming her Peggy.


You know what I remember about that? Course you don’t. I think Dal had a rich uncle. He sent Dallas an expensive box of cigars, in clear wrappers with pink flowers or something on them. At the time Dallas and I both were smokers. I remember thinking how expensive they looked but the unique thing was they were ‘menthol Cigars’. Never before nor since, have I seen that.


Dallas and Marian Fletcher have been married now over 57 years also. Yep, “WE” knew exactly what we wanted. We also knew when something was broke, we fixed it. Mechanical or in our marriages.

There was something about living there and living on a budget. For actual fun money, we had about a dollar a month. I have said it before, ‘we’ were our entertainment. The trailer was $40 or $42 a month including utilities. Our total pay came to a little over a hundred dollars a month after taxes.  The budget worked for us.  Life was good, Sherry learned to cook, we conserved and she was a stay at home wife.

I still had to overnight on base every 4th night and 4th weekend.  But during that time as long as I informed the Officer of the Day where I would be on base Sherry could come on base and we would picnic or sometimes go to the base outdoor movie. The only movie I remember us seeing was ‘Love Me Tender’ with Elvis.


Thanks for coming by the log.

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There are dreams and there are dreamers.  We were Dreamers with a lovely dream that came true!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



1956 cars gone ‘BAD’


Paula said...

Love the story, so nice you could be together and have your good friends close by.


You are so lucky you got to be together. Some couples aren't afforded that luxury.

Chatty Crone said...

You know what - Sherry was as stay at home wife on $100 a month - I think that was awesome!!!!!!

Dar said...

And You've Loved One Another 'Tender', ever since. What a wonderful life you have had together.
(you share your anniv. with Bill's oldest son, Bill Jr.)
I love your life.

betty said...

Its neat that the other couple is still happily married after all these years! Seemed like a good time settling in to the early days of married life :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Proof positive that you really don't need money to be happy. You two had and still do have what money can't buy for sure!

shirl72 said...

What a good life,, You guys have
come a long way with good memories.
Thank goodness we all survived and
here to tell our story. Some more
interesting that others. We are