Monday, March 31, 2014

Taking Susie home, a chance to show off the latest son, Mark David

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Mark David Darnell a few months later.
Livermush, a staple of the Piedmont of North Carolina. It cannot be found elsewhere. Mom and Dad were out to visit us before Mark’s Birth and I mentioned we could not buy livermush out here, my mama took things in hand. Made a list, Liver,hogs head and cornmeal and assorted herbs and spices. Mama made a dishpan full of NC livermush.  Yeah, I know some of you don’t like liver but the taste is a long way from liver.
It is good fried for breakfast and on livermush/mustard sandwiches. Well while mama was taking care of that huge task dad was noticing a lot of farm wagons, I heard him say I sure would like to have a couple of those for my walkway back home.  They sure bring back memories of my childhood.
Now after Mark’s birth, when Susie was ready to return home we packed up. I had a one wheel trailer and loaded two  wagon wheels in it that I had bought for dad.  We headed to North Carolina.1182231

In the mountains of Tennessee we ran into snow. It got pretty bad and we were starting to slide a little, so I stopped and put chains on the Rambler. We kept on going.  The storm got so bad we pulled into a motel. UNFORTUNATELY it appeared to be one that rented by the hour.Surprised smile
Motel in the snow Tennessee
They had old wool army blankets and electric heaters only. Sherry and I were worried about her mom and the boys we were all in one room and kept close to keep warm. What a night.
The next morning we had about 6-8” of snow,we were getting ready to leave and I saw a rooster on his last leg it looked like jumping up and coming down with his wings out trying to maneuver thru the snow. I caught him and put him in the motel room.  I left a note for the cleaner to let him out.
Honestly I still am not sure if they even cleaned the rooms, so if a couple later that day rented for an hour, they were in for a BIG SURPRISE!
The rest of the trip was good, and we were able to show off Sherry’s latest creation.  WE were proud of both our boys.
One other thing, we had to drive by my brothers place of business, so I pulled in to say hello and show Mark off.  Unknown to me My sister in law had looked out as we pulled in loaded down, and said to everyone working, “Watch for thieves, looks like a bunch of gypsies just pulled in!”
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I am sure many times and as we have traveled, we have looked a little ragged around the edges. LOL
1932 REO Royale


Paula said...

Oh Jack and Sherry this is a good one. I'm laughing out loud at the rooster in the motel room. Yuck to the liver. Sorry I don't even like the sound of it. I know it might be okay but just the thought of it makes me queasy.

Paula said...

Oh forgot to say the gypsies are funny too. I can't stop laughing. This is your best entry yet.

betty said...

LOL with the comment about the gypsies from your SIL! I would imagine that was one not fun ride going through the snow! Glad you were able to have a favorite food with the livermush; not sure I would like it, but glad you were able to enjoy it!


Mevely317 said...

You were soooo sweet to save that rooster's life, Jack! No doubt, the maid had quite a surprise when she got around to visiting your quarters.
Heck, in retrospect, you should have brought him along and presented to your SIL. Gypsies, indeed. Hmpf!!!

shirl72 said...

What a trip..the things we did
in our young days..We had snow
trips from Charlotte to Maryland.
The wheels looked good at the
house.We should have gotten them
from the campground.. Those were
the days...and good ones.


That was funny as can be about the rooster in the motel room.

Lucy said...

This is the best. Livermush sounds terrible. One thing you kids did was produce cute kids. I think Joe has decided to go to the Heart team after all. Best go see how things are going.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've had fried mush before but never with the liver in it. We used to have liver once a week when I was a kid though cause it was supposed to be good for us and I do love liver and onions ! That was a memorable trip for sure. I'm enjoying your tales of yesteryears.