Monday, March 3, 2014

This thing called LOVE.

(1955/56 I did not have TV but Sherry did.  I do not remember ever watching it , but the pictures are of TV back then)


Also a good thing happened. Vondale’s dad moved his family to Charlotte, just across the river actually about 3 miles. His dad started a constructions company.

Okay, I want to get the hard part over with. Sherry and I were dating on a regular basis. My sister Kat who lived about 60 miles away was having a tough time. She had a new baby and it was dying or had died. Dad could not leave just then. (At this time I was dating Sherry NOT Margaret) 

Mom got Margaret’s mama to drive our car to the Albemarle hospital. Margaret and I went along. Hey, I liked Margaret, we smooched some (for old times sake). I told her something like I was ‘confused’. (STUPID for a few kisses)


The WORD got around and Sherry found out. Trouble in paradise.  Hey this kid was landing the big one and did not want to lose her. Sherry had left a pair of shoes at a friend’s house who was sympathetic and I told her I needed a reason to go see Sherry. She gave me the shoes to return to her.


So I drove over to her house, knocked on the door and Johnny came to the door. “She don’t want to see you Jack.” so I gave him one shoe and asked him to give to to her.


I drove around a little I think then went back and knocked on the door. Johnny refused to come to the door, thank the Lord. Sherry finally came  to the door. I gave her the shoe and apologized profusely. I  begged forgiveness, after awhile I think she laughed and forgave me.  Soon afterwards I asked her to go steady and she said YES. Life was good.


We became an ‘item’ at church and in our communities. Dad was proud of me for taking the job as church taxi driver. So he and mama agreed to buy me a car. I chose this 1948 Chev. convertible, they paid $450 for it and I was in heaven.

1948-chevy-100177 - Copy


At the time my buddy Vondale was going with Martha and we constantly double dated. Tuck used his dad’s ‘48 Chevy Fleetline and I used the convertible alternately. The 48 Chevy’s had what was called ‘Vacuum’ shift, YOU COULD NOT SPEED SHIFT. Of course with the old Chevy six you weren’t about to drag race a Ford ANYWAY.


When I drove I had Sherry-a-matic, I clutched and she changed gears because I had my arm around her. Vise versa, Tucker had Martha-a-matic.  Once we nearly had a tragedy, crossing S. Main St. Martha shifted from low to reverse instead of second gear, Sherry and I went to the floor in the back seat. Sherry and I could kiss for miles without coming up for air.Surprised smile BUT THAT BROUGHT US UP!


Thanks for coming by the log.

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There is nothing like Young Love.


Oh man the ‘56’s were coming out….

1956 Plymouth Fury1956_Thunderbird_htp-skirts-steel_grey-fVl=mx=1956Packard400-a1956pontiac-1C1956StudebakerGoldenHawkTwoDoorCustom


shirl72 said...

I was working for a living..and
missed out on As The World Turns. I get confused Sherry had some shoes you kept one and she started dating you to get the other shoe. Vondale driving Dads car you kissing Margaret, now what was Martha doing and Buddy was lost. Dad and Mother bought you a car. You drove people to Church..Now do I have the story straight.What an interesting life you all had. Sherry forgave you...Did I get the
story straight??During the down
time there was Cowboy stories.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad things all worked out and you were forgiven. Young love is wonderful and sometimes it lasts forever. I doubt this is the last of the snow but we'll hope it melts off some before more comes the ground has been covered for so long now I can't remember when we last saw grass. Hope you all have a great start to this new week!

Chatty Crone said...

Thank goodness Sherry could forgive! And another cute story. Double driving is double dangerous! You know what I mean? What is a church taxi? sandie


Thank goodness Sherry forgave you. A lot of girls wouldn't have been so understanding. The shoe routine was priceless.

Paula said...

You were good at little tricks, huh? How did you know a girl wants both shoes? lol

betty said...

Had to laugh about only returning one shoe at a time, Jack. Clever! So glad Sherry forgave you! Too cute about how you guys drove too with the girls doing the shifting :)

again, great memories!


Louis la Vache said...

Oh, wow! You really brought back some memories with this post! «Louis» never really liked Broderick Crawford in "Highway Patrol". He always thought Crawford was unnecessarily obnoxious in that show - not that a cop has got an easy job...

Too bad Packard was only able to build 3,224 of those '56 Four Hundred hardtops!

Elizabeth said...

I love these stories !