Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our OWN home, and Fred ‘n Frances!

Okay, we are about 20 years old. We are paying rent on a small apartment, and having nothing lasting to show in return.  While home on leave We spotted a 28’x8’ trailer. We had loved the trailer at Camp Geiger, and had no problem living in it. We wanted something that was going to be ours.
WE looked checked on the loan and payments. The payments were going to be less or about the same as the apartment, but it would be ours. We somehow got the loan and returned to Mississippi to find a place for it.  Daddy, always the helpful one said, “I will finish up the paper work here. When you find a spot, Dick and I will bring it to Mississippi for you. His DeSota  will tow this little thing fine.
Scanoldpic8 021
(Jackie, closer to a year old, that was our trailer, yep, just an old silver aluminum trailer, but it was ours. I am the skinny kid in uniform)
Remembering this brings a great feeling to me. You cannot imagine how I felt. I felt like we were buying a 3BR 2 Bath house. I know it was ‘Just a trailer’ to some, but to us it was going to be OUR home.
We located an older mom & pop trailer park across the Biloxi Bay Bridge in Ocean Springs. The price was right, $12 a month plus utilities. WE notified our Land Lord, called Dad and he said they could have it down on Tuesday of the next week.
We parked in a sorta open spot, but the owner said we could move soon, a spot was coming open under a shade tree. Of course we needed that with no A/C. After a few weeks we moved and settled for the ‘rest’ of our tour.
Scanoldpic9 027
(This was a little later, Dad Came down bringing the oldest Grandson, Howard to meet the Youngest Grandson, Jackie)
There was something I did not know, Sherry was in a depression, and driving the bridge across the bay gave her attacks of panic sometimes. It was ideal for me, I worked just across the bridge at Point Cadet, the home of the Crash Boats.
A lot came open right beside us and a Coast Guard Petty Officer named Fred Alton Brannen and his beautiful smiling wife move in next door, they had a daughter, Frankie, 3 months older than Jackie Jr.
We were to become life long friends. They are still some of the dearest people we know.
Scanoldpic9 032
This was taken inside Fred and Francis’s trailer, their trailer was bigger than ours, I think was 30’.Smile
Brannen Family001
Fred & Frances 003

(Fred & Francis, 1959-now after close to 50 years on the mission’s field)
Fred actually worked within a 100 yards of where I worked on Point Cadet.  He worked as an electronic tech on the LORAN navigations systems.
Sherry and Francis became VERY CLOSE friends.  That friendship was part of Sherry’s therapy.
What a wonderful feeling, super neighbors and we were buying our HOME!  Maybe I will be able to give my girl all I had promised.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
Life was good, Life was simple. There was no extra money for a lot of recreation, but WE WERE STILL our entertainment. Our social life was friends at church.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hey....you guys are still in a "mobile" home... :)

shirl72 said...

When you own something it does make
you feel good. Glad to see picture
of Dad and Howard. I remember the
picture well about JJ looking out
the new home's window, that is so
cute. Brother You are coming up in the world.

Chatty Crone said...

You know those silver homes are worth a lot these days refurbished! You have given your girl everything. I wondered about Fred - I guess he passed away last year. Sorry.

Paula said...

Nothing like owning your own space no matter how small.


Glad Sherry got to feeling better when a new friend moved in nearby.

Louis la Vache said...

Great photos, Jack!
«Louis» saw that "Kelvinator"* in the background of the first photo. :-)

* Rambler

Elizabeth said...

Those are great photos and wonderful memories!

Mevely317 said...

Truly a feel-good post for this reader, Jack!
... and what a blessing to have met and 'clicked' with Fred and Francis. Those sorts of relationships can't be forced, can they?

Loved all the pictures, especially baby Jackie chatting up his daddy!

Hope you're enjoying a great week!

betty said...

I think there is nothing like buying that first home, no matter what it might be, makes one really feel like they are grown up or something! Seemed like a good thing too to put the money towards the trailer rather than giving it to someone else monthly for rent. Glad Sherry was able to have a friend like Francis to help her through her dark times!


Cher' Shots said...

I loved this posting Mr. Jack! And I love the fact that you and your bride stayed such dear friends with Fred and Francis - that's a treasure in itself.
'love & hugs from afar'

Cher' Shots said...

I loved this posting Mr. Jack! And I love the fact that you and your bride stayed such dear friends with Fred and Francis - that's a treasure in itself.
'love & hugs from afar'

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great life the two of you have had. To be blessed with friends like that is a wonderful gift. Having you own home, no matter how humble does make a difference. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. It looks like the sun will be shining here today!