Friday, March 28, 2014

There is something wrong in my country, Something that common sense could fix. 3 strikes, they should be OUT!


(I’m having an OFF day, can’t think this is a break in life)

I just read where a Federal Jury (IN CHICAGO) awarded a man in prison, serving life for 7 murders, close to $500,000 for his injuries in jail.  I don’t see where any of the families of the 7 murdered people were given anything, does that make sense? The injuries were sustained from a beating by a guard, that should not be, and he should be disciplined. BUT……


Now the article does say ‘He Might Not collect, but his family could’.  Something about that does not make sense. If anything is awarded it should go to the estates of the victims!


I also read a high School teacher’s statement that she is afraid.  She will soon be paying off the last of her debts including her College loans and is afraid of the uncharted waters. She knows how to be in debt. Her debts have been her friends,  she knows debts but debt free, not so much. What do I do with the extra money. do I need to make some more debts?

And there is the kid (18) from rural Ohio who spent 13 days in jail and placed on a million dollar bond, forced to undergo mental exams because of a pocket knife in his car. He is from Rural Ohio methinks. He was a student in a Voc/Tech school.


Okay, something about that also makes no sense to this old brain.

You know what I really think?  Some people in this country was born with no common sense.


I remember reading  what a college student said about this countries debts.  She said, “All this talk about taxes is silly, all we have to do is print 17 Trillion dollars and pay off who ever we owe!” Now why didn’t congress think of that?

In this country a person will spend millions of dollars (mostly someone else’s money) for a job that pays thousands.

We have a Congress person, a lawyer, former Judge and grad of YALE who said the constitution is 400 yrs old and once asked NASA officials if the rover on Mars would take a picture of the US Flag the astronauts planted there.

The money nerds know money . Using computers they tell these people who get elected, “We have $2.77 trillion dollars coming in from all sources, taxes fees, etc. That amount will come in every year with a little increase. That is how much money you have to spend to run this great country. Now do it.”


The brilliant men we elected to run this country say only $2.77 Trillion? We must have more, we need to spend $3.77 trillion. Let’s borrow some more.

Yes, we have elected some of our dullest lights on the string to run this country. Even I, at 17 yrs old, knew we could not spend more than we earned!  But then I am not a brilliant attorney or college grad from one of those Ivy League colleges.  They must know more than a laborer, farmer or production worker.(DON’T THEY??)


One of my soap boxes, Sorry.

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PSOpen-mouthed smiledaddy said, when you work give the man an hours work for an hours pay. He also said Owe no man.

He did not have to explain the money thing, that was common sense. You cannot spend what you do not have.



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betty said...

Unbelievable with the prisoner getting award that money. I too agree the guard needs to be punished/fired but the prisoner does not need a financial award; I hope he never collects it, nor his family. I too agree the victims' families should get the money. Husband and me are constantly surprised about how "dumb" we Americans seem to be getting. Its actually scary to see the things going on or to read them in the paper or see them on the news.


Paula said...

All us oldies think alike, don't we? I'm laughing @ the girl who said just print some more money and pay off the debts. Be nice if it was that simple for all of us. John says to say "HI" back to you and Sherry.

Cher' Shots said...

Okay, my old brain might not have quite as many years as yours however; it thinks along your same wave length. Wrong has become right and its not Biblically correct, therefore it's WRONG!
'love & hugs from afar'

Jean said...

I hope if I'm ever tried for a crime, I don't have to go before a jury trial. I agree with you the guy shouldn't get a dime. I knew it couldn't be done, but I've often said the same thing,(to Grover) why don't they print off the money they need they have the machines to do it with.Ha.


My hubby has carried a small pocketknife with him since he was a kid. Guess that means he's harboring a dangerous weapon nowadays.

shirl72 said...

What has happened to our wonderful
America. We were founded on hard
work and it has worked until now.
Give me, Give me is the name of the game today. I just heard on the news that they are going to give prisoners free phones. How cool is that, as I say this world it up-side-down. All I can say is "GOD HELP US". Brother it is OK to get on your soap box..

Mevely317 said...

Say, please don't go apologizing for climbing that soap-box.
I echo Shirl's lament, "What has happened?" ... it's a wonder, isn't it, that God hasn't thrown His hands up in frustration.

What's so scary, you say that young lady who recommends printing more $$$ is in college? Shudder!

Wishing y'all a beautiful weekend!