Thursday, December 3, 2015

Basin, Wyoming and Pickup trucks

I believe it is on Highway 16 South of Cody.


(Paula in here younger years, above)

Once when we were traveling with our partners Dick & Kat (My sister and her hubby) on one occasion visited Yellowstone.  We were fortunate to get camp sites in Yellowstone that time and it gave us plenty of time to drive around the park and take in many of the amazing sites.


I remember saying, if I was a pioneer and walked into this, I would have left immediately. There were hundreds of small holes in the ground from which steam was escaping. There were many fields with geysers, but none as steady as ‘Old Faithful’.


Of course Yellowstone is the center piece of all national parks because if is so large and the sites are so varied. There is even a spot labeled ‘Grand Canyon’ of the Yellowstone. Sighting of wild life is unbelievable.


But we left thru the less used GATE on the east and headed for Cody, WY. Since we were just wandering we turned south at Cody and were ready for a break when we saw a sign, “Free RV Parking, full hookups downtown Basin, please visit us. Basin is the county seat of, Big Horn County, Wyoming, United States.”


The park was full, so we went about 1/2 mi and found an RV park, self service and on the honor system, $10. We learned the reason the uptown park was full, it was county fair time and we were right beside it.


Nobody wanted to cook, so we went to the only café in town. Basin, the county seat is about 1000 in population. Sherry was too cold in the café so she went next door to the thrift shop and bought a nice sweater for 25¢, solved the problem.


Everyone was tired and no one wanted to go to the fair but me. I have told this before, but as I walked across the parking area (a field) no cars, just pickup trucks (every yr shape and size), up drove a cowboy and his wife. Little cowboy about 6 jumped off the back of the truck and called to his dad, ‘See you later.’ Dad said, “Find a friend and hang with him, we will catch up later.” (my mind flew back in time, when that freedom and trust was true down south.)


Seeing kids washing their sheep, grooming the horses, shining up the coats of cows was refreshing. I watched the 3 & 4 wheel competition at herding cows by kids. No horses, what?  LOL


I love small towns, I have a feeling they are the same all over the world. But, I will never forget Basin, Wyoming.

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betty said...

Sounded like a great town! I've been to Cody, but I don't think to Basin. Small towns can be great ones indeed with people friendly and great services :)


Unknown said...

Okay, I think I need a pick-up!

Paula said...

Like this entry very much. Love those old trucks. I should have kept Melvin's old '52 Ford but I couldn't drive it very well. I sold it for $500 because I didn't think they could get it started. They did and was happy as a lark. Was I a crazy widow back then?

Mevely317 said...

Now, that's down-right refreshing. Puts a smile on my face realizing there are places like Basin, WY!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That's a nice memory you shared today. It would be wonderful to live in a town like that one ! Frosty morning here, but its to warm up some later on.

Rick Watson said...

We went there a few years ago and were blown away by the national beauty and the people we encountered.
I enjoy following you and your lovely lady on your journeys...those past and those ahead.