Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas plays and dramas

WE did not see a Play this Christmas season, but  I enjoy Christmas plays. To me it is more ‘real’ than a movie using professional actors.  I am inclined to Out door dramas as I have posted here before. WE have enjoyed the ones we have been privileged to see.
Out door dramas:
‘From this day Forth’ the Waldension story, Valdese, NC.

“Lost Colony”,, NC coast line Manteo, NC(?).

Hatfields and McCoys….     Kentucky or West Virginia

‘Horn in the West’…. Boone, NC
“Trail of Tears”… Cherokee, NC
“Oklahoma”,,,,, West Virginia
“Follow the River”… Virginia

"Steven Foster Story", Bardstown, KY

But back to plays, I especially love kids plays when they take time to wave at mama, daddy or grandparents during the performance.

I was once in a play and was supposed to sing a verse of ‘We Three KIngs”.  I started, “Myrrh is mine and forgot every word, I sang da da da da to the tune for the entire verse. Of course everyone got a kick out of that except me.

Churches have good plays, I have been involve in a few, it must be tough being a director of one of these, just trying to get everyone together for practice, but with all the stress they seem to run smooth.

We were fortunate to be near the Crystal Cathedral for Christmas and got to see their presentation. I enjoyed it, but it was too professional and glitzy, there were angels flying over head the whole time.

Any special outdoor drama or a Christmas Play in your past?

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betty said...

You've seen a great assortment of plays :) I haven't seen any Christmas ones, other than the ones the kids were in when they are in school, but a friend of mine's daughter was involved in Christian Youth Theater when they lived in San Diego. The plays put on by them were outstanding. We saw Sound of Music and Rapunzel; both you could hardly believe they were young children and teens performing in them.

Had to laugh about you making up the words for the verse you were to sing; good way to try to cover up your forgetting them :)


Mevely317 said...

My, but you've a wealth of great stage memories! My parents used to talk about going to 'summer stock' outdoor productions when they lived in New England.

... but you're right about children's productions being the most enjoyable. Your 'myrrh' tale is so funny; it reminds me of something Jon posted the other day about his grade-school Christmas pageants. I laughed SO hard! Here's the link in case you'd like to chuckle along:

Paula said...

I really enjoyed the outdoor play "Texas". They even have a barbeque before the play starts. The costumes are so pretty. A small group of us flew to Amarillo and then took a van out to the site where the outdoor theatre is. Lots of singing and dancing. If you and Sherry are ever back in that area try to see it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Unlike you I haven't seen a lot of those kinds of plays, but have seen a lot done by family. Children and grandchildren have been a delight over the years. I've been sick for a few days with a bad cold and missed seeing the little angels and shepherds at church this year. Those little ones can grab your heart for sure. Hope you all stay well there in the sunny Florida!

Rick Watson said...

Kid plays are the best. I have seen a few plays on Broadway that were really good, but I think I still like the ones with kids better :)