Saturday, December 12, 2015

It is just an Air filter

I am not having fun on the computer lately, but I am looking forward to the day.  Most of the family will be in Orlando by midnight tonight, two will come in late on Sunday morning due to a work schedule.
But as I wait I am having Coach and computer problems.  First I am having problems losing Shipslog posts. I am PLANNING ON THIS ONE getting on. LOL

The diesel engine is continuing to spew out too much blue smoke. I hear a lot of advice, but one thing suggested was  an air filter. That will be simple, I got the part number and went looking for the NAPA place here.  Both are gone, closed no forwarding address. So to Advance Auto.

"$355.00   ?????  It is only an air filter for heaven's sake," I said a little too loud.
"But we can let you have it for $259.00, sir."
"Is that with my camper, political, AAA, AARP, Good Sam, American Legion and preacher's discount?" I asked smiling.
"Yes sir," my new friend said laughing, "And I can have it here tomorrow noon." 
"I am assume they deliver this in an armored truck!"
"Yes sir they do, we will keep it safe until you pick it up,"  Jose says. Then added jokingly, "I can insure it for $400." 
"Do that,  I will pick it up tomorrow."

The Diplomat now has a new filter that will last until we park it, but still enjoys putting our too much blue smoke!

Now I will try to post this, and sit back and await the arrival of the kids.
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Glenda said...

Loved all the pics and the personalized stories of each and every one of those kids, grands and greats in yesterday's entry. Hoping safe travels and fun times for all.

betty said...

My gosh that was one pricey air filter! I bet you guys are all getting excited being together and enjoying the cruise, but most importantly just the time together :)


Paula said...

Forget your troubles and have fun.

Rick Watson said...

Fun ain't cheap Jack:) at least your parts guy had a sense of humor. That's worth something.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry about the blue smoke. Years ago when I was young, I had a car that had blue was burning oil. Hope that isn't the case with your RV. I had to get rid of the car. I didn't like it anyway as it was standard shift. I bet you are excited to have all the family gathering. Enjoy them and forget the rest. It will wait.

Lisa said...

You made me chuckle when you named those discounts. haha. Where I work, everyone asked if we have discounts such as nurse, doctor, police officer, senior, veteran, etc..but never heard "preacher". That was cute but worth a try right? That was pricey for an air filter. I would think the problem has more to do with oil. Hope you get it fixed or the kids in the car behind you will call you "Tweetsie".

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