Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Occupation #14….Writing……

Kenneth Herron is my first cousin. He has been a businessman both in the USA and Overseas. He spent a lot of time in the Middle East and took the time to write a novel called ‘Amos’. He continues to write.
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(“Hook a Book” program Years ago in Key West)
For years I was a part time ‘professional story teller’. In my mid 50’s and on a ‘silly’ family crusade out west I found myself with a lot of time on my hands so I read my first novel, “Executive Orders” by Clancy.  I then decided it was time to put my many stories down on paper.  The idea seemed simple.
I learned fairly quick that it takes a lot of words to translate all my chalk drawings, magic tricks,  actions and body English,  into words on paper.  Something I also learned, my English isn’t too good.
So back to Ken, when he published ‘Amos’, it kicked in my juices and I got serious about the novel I had been working on for a year.  The thing that hurt my ‘ego’ the most, was the Proofing, Sherry who is good with English and agreed to check English usage only. At times 5-10 errors a page.
I have learned most of my 14 occupations ‘the hard way’, on the job training. So writing is another. ‘The Vacation’, my latest novel and 9th book, was a ‘little’ better than the first.
Ideas are not my problem, putting them on paper concisely is.
When eating out do you ever notice an efficient waitress makes the job look so easy?  They seem to take their time and get more done (even chat) than the frantic person running to and fro.Therefore, knowing the language, and having a knack of writing, helps the good writer say what he/she means without wearing you out reading ‘fluff’ causing misdirection.
I honestly tell myself, ‘When we settle down I am going to take a course in English and writing. Of course my Sherry worries by that time I will need someone to drive me to school. (Can I order up another life to live?)
I write for myself. I hope others enjoy it.  I do get a ‘high’ when someone says, “I read your book and loved it.”
Ken told me his greatest kick was when a lady approached him in a restaurant and asked, “Are you the writer?”
I smiled but said nothing, but that has actually happened to me once. And yes, it did thrill me. My oldest fan in in her 90’s lives in Kennebunk, ME. She now reads on her kindle so she can magnify the words.
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PS: I pick up writing hints from other writers. I save the hints Rick leaves on his blog and the ones Ken gives.  Both these guys are professionals and do a Newspaper Column.  I would love to do that, but I would embarrass myself (and family) with my English.
PS2: I worked 61 years. I was unemployed fir 70 days in 1957.
Shortest Jobs: working for a newspaper = 2 weeks!, Hotel maintenance = 4 weeks.
Longest= USN 14 yrs, Gen Contracting =12 yrs
With some success in about 6 jobs.  LOL
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betty said...

You have had a great career, Jack! With lots of variety too and not too much unemployment between jobs :) I bet you could find an English class online you could take or at least things that might give you more tips to improve writing. I guess with anything, the more you do of it, the better you might get with it :)


Lisa said...

Id love to have half the writing talent you have. I wish I could be a creative writer. I've read one of your books and plan to read more soon.

So when are you going to do a book signing? :)

Mevely317 said...

I, too, thoroughly enjoyed both "Mary Ann" and "The Vacation"!
Given the choice, I'd rather have your gift of imagination (vs. editing skills) any day!

Paula said...

I think your books have gotten better and better with each one not that I'm any kind of expert. I do know what I like though.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have had so many different experiences in your life that you really do have something to write about and the fact that you do is wonderful. As long as you have good proof readers, you really don't have to worry about the English. Doing something you love is a great thing. Hope you continue to write.