Sunday, December 6, 2015

Just feeling good, getting excited! (maybe a little stress!)

My brother Junior was in the retail business. He had to think of Christmas in July and the 4th of July in January.  Planning ahead is important in that  business to make sure you  have the stock for specific Holidays.
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(At times we are odd, but we are still family)

The businesses I have been in did not require six months ahead planning. The first thing Sherry planned ‘long range’ was our 50th Wedding Anniversary bash. She got out the invites and ended up with 60 family and friends. She done good.
Then last year around Christmas I suggested instead of a big bash on our 60th, lets celebrate our 59th big time! Let’s take the family on a cruise, she said okay, YOU DO IT! So with her help, I contacted  Creative Travel in Belmont.  The cruise was scheduled for this month, December 2015. There have been a lot of hoops to jump thru that I did not know about.
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(At times, follow the leader is easy for the followers)
Security is tight now. We have two children going with single parents and that is another problem. For the child to travel you must have the Birth Certificate AND a notarized letter of permission (at times that can be a problem when the two parents ‘don’t be speaking’ too well to each other.)
Everyone must have a certified birth certificate and picture ID, or the Passport. In our group most  do not have passports.
Funny thing about Birth Certificates, the original with the little foot print IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, it must be a CERTIFIED Copy (???)
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(When you are family, every one counts)

Anyway we have 16 people traveling. It is sort of a miracle to get 16 bodies ready at the same time, away from jobs, college and two from across the country.  But at present it is down to 2 missing items (that I know of), then grandpa can relax. Winking smile 
If we pull this off, I will be one happy camper.  I cannot imagine MA, or the Conrads and some of the other larger families getting everyone together. WHEW!
I needed to say all that. AAAA
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The mid 50’s my favorite period for cars as a teen.


Lisa said...

Im the same way with my Etsy shop. I have to make things for Valentines day during December and Easter things in January etc.
It also makes the year go by quick. Not sure I like that sometimes. ha.
Have fun on your trip. I bet you can get group rates!

You kids stay safe

betty said...

Always love to see a corgi in a picture :)

That does sound like a lot of stuff to get together for the cruise, but definitely worth it in the long run to have the family together enjoying such a fun time! I don't think I could do retail well; it would be hard to be thinking six months ahead for a whole different season :)


Sheila Y said...

That is a lot to plan out and orchestrate. I hope all goes well. That will be a fun get together. Take care and safe travels when you go, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Well we did have a family reunion here this summer. All of my 7 children and their children managed to be all in the same place at the same time except for 3 missing grandchildren. It was wonderful having them all together but I am glad it was in the summer because we would have needed a hall otherwise. We managed most of our time out of doors and the weather cooperated beautifully. Being here in Ohio no one needed passports or ID's of any kind. Having family together is wonderful. I hope you all have a great time together too.

Mevely317 said...

I've been wondering about that cruise of yours, and getting exciting on y'all's behalf!
I hadn't heard of those 'single-parent' requirements. Makes one wonder if a new occupation should be started for a third-party to facilitate such details.

shirl72 said...

Glad things finally can together. Planning trips is not an easy thing to do. Thinking ahead is hard for me to do. I hope you all have
a good time. Will be in touch.

Paula said...

One of John's sisters is going on a cruise this month with all her family. I forget where they are going but wouldn't it be funny if you ran into them.

Rick Watson said...

It was tough when Jilda and I were preparing for our first cruise and we only had to plan for ourselves. That should be a fun trip for you all.

Glenda said...

Am a day late (and Daddy would say a "Dollar Short") reading this entry, sounds like you're almost there with getting the paperwork ready for the whole gang! It's a fabulous way to celebrate your 59th!!!