Thursday, December 31, 2015


I don't always pay attention to special occasions here on the Shipslog, but today I want to wish you all a Very Happy and prosperous NEW YEAR.

This past year sure passed quickly. We all know that is a 'WRONG' statement, because except for one days difference every four years they all pass thru the same 365-366 days.

It is true as we age time sure slips away, as in the words of a song, "Ain't it funny, not funny funny, how time slips away."  I think it is because time becomes more precious to us who are in the winter of out lives.  I held my girl a couple nights ago and realized something as I looked down at that face, I realized I still look at her and see her at 17 yrs of age.  She doesn't seem to BELIEVE it, but it is an absolute truth.

I have seen 76 New Year's days. I don't remember the first few of course.  I will turn 77 this first month of 2016. This year we will celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary. Yep we started early, married at 17.  It hasn't been a perfect marriage, it was rough on Sherry raising me and the two boys at the same time, but she got it done, Bless her heart.

This will be a wonderful year, 2016.  I can remember when that was a FOREIGN number. Shucks, I didn't even expect to see the year 2000. LOL

I hope you have a wonderful year and we go thru 2016 as friends. Life is good!
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The 1948 was our first dating car

The 1950 Chevy Coupe was the car we had when we married in 1956


betty said...

Happy New Year Sherry and Jack! I can't imagine we are soon to welcome in 2016! I still remember New Year's Eve 1999 so vividly! Time flies even though it is still, like you said, the same amount of hours and minutes daily we are given.

Wishing you all the best in the new year!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy New Year to my favorite couple. Best wishes for the New Year ! The older I get the faster time goes, but the fact is time stays, I go. Every day is a new adventure and I'm thankful for it.

Lisa said...

Happy New Year Jack and Sherry. Thank you both for always keeping me going with my blog through your comments. Its motivation for me. I appreciate every one of them.


shirl72 said...

Happy New Year to You and Sherry. Brother we are there and time sure
flies. Days are going by to fast. That picture with JJ on the hood
of the car is cute. Hope we all have a good 2016.

shirl72 said...

PS: I wanted to ask was the 1948 car the one you and Vondale rolled.

Paula said...

Wishing you and Sherry the best year yet and many more to come.

Jean said...

Happy New Year Jack and Sherry. I agree seems like time goes by too fast and I would not have believed I would have made it to see 2016.

Rick Watson said...

Happy New Year Jack. And happy birthday. My birthday is this month too. Mine's on the 15 and I'll be 65. You're right, time get's away. I pity people who don't blog. How can they know where their time went?

Mevely317 said...

I'm late ... I'm late!
... But wanted to wish the two of you the BEST and brightest New Year ever!
Thank you for being a friend!

Jackie said...

So kind of you to share your year with us via your blog. I enjoy every post.
Wishing you and your bride a happy anniversary....wishing you a happy birthday, and sending new year's happiness to you and those you love.