Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I miss my comb

 For as long as I can remember from a boy, youth to a man, in my right back pocket there was a comb. It kept my hair sticking straight up (with the help of Brill-cream) when it was a flat top.  It kept my hair cool and swept back, with the help of ‘Wild Root Cream Oil’, when the Duck’s Tail (DA) was COOL

I once had a flat top and a duck’s tail at the same time.

In the military, once indoors it kept my hair neat and combed in a regulation manner.

But it also served multiple purposes. I was reminded of this lately when my ‘britches legs’ were covered with beggars lice. When I had a comb, they were gone in a flash. In the winter, it scraped the frost off the windshield in the winter.

If you were cool and knew how add a piece of paper and you could make music.   You could also clean your nails in an emergency (if no one was watching)
Now that I am bald, I no longer carry the comb, and I miss it (and I miss my hair at times) LOL.

Can you think of any multipurpose item you normally carry?

Yeah I know you ladies carry a medicine chest and a tool chest in your purse.

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Shirl's husband Jim and their Isetta.


Anonymous said...

I know hubby carries a pocket knife with him most of the time; that seems to be very useful for this and that :)


Jackie said...

Remember when we used to get our school pictures taken every year and the photographer gave everyone (including the girls) a comb....

shirl72 said...

Your hair back then is the style they are wearing it today. Like
the picture of Jim and the Isetta. That was a cute car...Like the picture of you and Elsie.. I sure do remember those school pictures.

Paula said...

I always carry baby wipes. They are so useful for so many things.

Mevely317 said...

Ha!, you beat me to saying 'medicine cabinet'! (Sometimes at the office I feel like a drug dealer .....)

Lovin' this candid of you and Miss Elsie!

Now, I've the theme song from Brilcreme stuck in my head. :)

Rick Watson said...

I've used a comb for all those proposes. Now you have me thinking about what else I've used in "off label" ways.