Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas LIGHTS in a Christian Nation

(Encouraged by the words of Bernard Cook, Wildwood, FL)
(decorated cars taken from the net)
Yes, I am so gullible I think this is still a Christian nation. WE aren’t all ‘good’ Christians. We don’t all follow the teaching of the ‘Man of Galilee’, but by and large we do believe his teachings were solid, moral and right.
Many folk feel that Jesus, the Christ, was the ‘light’ of the world. Therefore Christmas lights are so relevant.  AS I type this I am thinking of the many Christmas lights I have seen in the last few years. Since we have not been in many other states lately in the winter, I must say FLORIDA towns do a fantastic job of bringing Christmas ALIVE. Even the small town of Jasper, FL has a great light display.
Wickam  Park in Melbourne, FL is a light  show. Downtown Mt. Dora, Eustis and Tavares are on the verge of BEAUTIFUL.
For many years in the small town of McAdenville, NC was known as Christmas City.  That might be a local thing but the folks around Gaston County think it is famous world wide. Winking smile.  The Mill owner, Mr. Pharr, paid the entire towns power bill for the month of December to encourage everyone to decorate, so decorate they did.
Funny/sad story. Sherry and Shirl took care of my mama in her declining years. Due to inactivity, not diabetes, she lost here legs. Near Christmas Mama said, “I wish I could see the lights of McAdenville again. Sooooo  we used a lift, moved here to the car. made her comfortable and headed out. Now something everyone learns is the traffic is horrific. It is one way thru town and  no way to turn around once you start. The tour is free to the public and even the traffic is backed up on I-85.
Well after waiting in the line about 30 minutes we entered the one-way traffic, slowly driving by the lights when mama said, “I’d give five dollars if I hadn’t said I want to see these lights.”  She was miserable.  But we made the whole trip and got back home with her very tired.  But that line has lived in our family, “I’d give $5 if I hadn’t picked this place for dinner.” etc. Surprised smile.
But Christmas would be less exciting without lights. Do you put up a tree?
Decorate outside?
Drive to see lights?
Any particular place in your area well known for lighting?
And wow, the new projected lighting is amazing.
Now we can remember today is December 7th.  A day that started the war for us, that was going to end all wars, but of course did not. But we were forced to fight as a nation to hold our Christian Values, FREEDOM and try to find Peace on Earth.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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Jimmy's Journal said...

Great pics and, as usual, excellent post! Merry Christmas my traveling friends.


Lisa said...

We like walking through stowe botanical garden at christmas. Its worth the money and a lot less stressful than sitting in traffic.

betty said...

That was nice with the mill owner paying electric bills for the town so they could decorate like that! Too cute with the line your mom said; I think I would have agreed with her myself :)

These days I enjoy looking at the displays that others put up. When we lived in the San Diego area there was a block that was kind of like a circle. Years ago the residents there all decided to decorate for Christmas. It used to go for a month starting after Thanksgiving to New Year's Day; now its only 2 weeks before Christmas and stops Christmas night. They call it "Candy Cane Circle" and all the houses have at least 1 candy cane in their display. I imagine if a house goes for sell on that street, the people who buy it are probably told of the tradition; but over the years there have been houses that have not been decorated. I don't think I could live on a street like that and have to worry about coming home at night and being in the lines of traffic to do so :)


Jean said...

Don't many people around here put up Christmas decorations anymore including me.I did put up a small tree since we have had a house full of people during the holidays and little room to get around. I do miss my larger tree. Take care. Jean

Glenda said...

Seeing the Christmas lights is one of the joys of the Christmas season, my favorite is a decorated boat parade.
Seems like my "decorating" is less and less every year, it's the taking it down and storing part I resist ~ getting lazy as time goes by!

Mevely317 said...

I'm glad to see your mention of December 7, Jack. Tho' I wasn't around, that was a pivotal moment in my parent's lives; if I close my eyes and try really, really hard I can still hear their reminiscing.

That was a cute story about your momma changing her mind $5 too late!
... and that phrase being used and re-used?! What a cute fashion for her legacy to live on and on.

Paula said...

I like the pictures of the lighted cars. There was a Christmas parade here Saturday night and I kind of forgot about it. The last Christmas tree I decorated was when we lived at the ranch. It was all western and country with little boots, hats and such. Rope for garland etc.

shirl72 said...

Remember I put Mother's Christmas tree in a closet and all we had to do
was get it out spruce it up some and it was done. Years ago I made
200 Chrismons and for 5 years Churches ask me would I decorate their tree. I decorated 5 Churches in Charlotte 3 Methodist, Lutheran, and
Baptist. It is a lot of trouble but they are beautiful on the tree.
So this year I have a small tree, door decorated and poinsettias displayed in pots I think that is enough. It is CHRISTmas season

Rick Watson said...

I love looking at Christmas lights. I'd never thought of decorating cars like that. Maybe I should pull my old tractor out and light it up.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love Christmas lights. They do light up these dark nights we're having. I put candle lights in the windows I Really I love everything about Christmas.

Sheila Y said...

Yes, yes, yes and Tanglewood's Festival of Lights. :-) Jarin and I have already been. I may go back and take Cori, she's never been and wasn't able to go when we went. She's never been interested in going before but she was slightly receptive this year. Ha. Take care, Sheila