Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Georgia nature Walk

We are back in Florida, but we had a great campsite in Georgia, one we have had before. We  were only about 50 yards from where the 3 Mile Nature Trail began.

It is a path around the lake, quiet and peaceful. I spotted NO wild life, I mentioned it and Sherry refused to contribute some ‘WILD LIFE’ to change that, so we walked. This time I remembered to take the camera.


There is a long board walk, very rustic and lots of Spanish moss.


Just off the board walk I saw this cat in the tree singing to us.  I had to add a little so everyone could see what I saw. LOL


The trail is nice and wide most of the way and we could walk side by side (holding hands like love birds, She still refused the wild life!


I wanted to see frogs on these Lily Pads, but they must have been a-courting.


Imma holding this little tree up so it won’t fall on my girl.


Nice picnic table and a good shot across the lake.


This tree is at least 6’ thru with a strange two foot round object protruding, I couldn’t figure it out.



Hill  goes up about fifty feet, with the ‘Wrong way’ sign, we could not figure what they meant.


We rested here, That is a wild Live Oak tree, big dude with long arms. (There was a ‘Go Back’ sign also, that confused us, figured it was a joke)100_3803

We spotted this small American Flag, all alone on a small hill. I liked it.


There was not a lot of color on the trail, so this stood out.


Now we are looking back across the lake and about home. A very good walk.


Back home Sherry made some fancy coffee and unthawed our friend Ann’s cake and had some dessert.

Nite Shipslog


Sherry took  this for me on the road to Georgia.


He is towing a Mini Cooper.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a beautiful place. So glad you remembered your camera. Glad you are safely back in Florida now. I'm sure your load is a little heavier what with all those nuts!

betty said...

I would have loved to know the story behind the flag; why there was it left? But neat to see! What a cool place to walk! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Unknown said...

I enjoyed the walk!

Jackie said...

Where in GA was this?
Lovely photos.

jack69 said...

Hey Jackie, We were at Grassy Pond, Lake Park. We had an appointment in Jasper and Sycamore. Sycamore to get pecans which turned out to be a 3 day disaster as we didn't know the pecans were molded until we got back down to Lake Park. The seller delivered replacements. Then I had a speaking engagement in Jasper. It was Thanksgiving and we turned down a could invitations and ate at the Farm House. We are now back in Florida.

Mevely317 said...

Now I'm curious about the "Wrong Way" and "Go Back" signage! 'Speculating they were remains of a Boy Scouts' camping expedition ... or perhaps a fraternity hazing exercise.
And that wee flag! What stories they might tell!

PS - Sorry, but that Spanish Moss creeps me out.

Jackie said...

My neck of the woods!

Paula said...

Would love to walk on that trail.

Lisa said...

"Wild life", You and Sherry make me laugh. I can picture the looks on your faces to each other when you talk of her. Yall are just the cutest things. Thanks for sharing your walk. The pictures make me feel like I was there. The cat singing was great and I assume on the tree you questioned, that is a "knot on a log" hahaha.

Walking on the wild side.

Rick Watson said...

I know Macely says the moss freaks her out but I love the way that stuff transforms a photograph. This looks like a lovely spot to hike. I'm putting it on my list.
Glad you're safely back in Florida. Alabama plays the University of Florida on Saturday for the Southeastern College Football Championship.i hope you aren't pulling for those dang Gators.:)

Glenda said...

Your campsite area looks like a serene getaway spot, happy to know you had a safe trip and that red Chevy is a beauty!!! p.s. that sense of humor about the "wild life" made my day :)